Ashley Sage At Her Wits End With GemimindBeatz In New Single

Singer-songwriter and Brooklyn producer join forces on pop-trap crossover.

Ashley Sage has had enough in Wits End, her confident new single with GemimindBeatz — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A trap-pop union between the ascendant singer-songwriter and the Brooklyn producer, Wits End delivers a lyrical lid-pop into frustrations with the talking phase of a new relationship and feeling fed up with random drips of romantic engagement. But music lovers who dig deeper will find themselves bearing witness to a debut crossover so rife with sonic chemistry, they’d never guess the collab came from a chance encounter.

“My production partners and I met Ms. Ashley Sage at an art showcase in Brooklyn, and we instantly connected,” Gemimind recalls. “She showed up to our studio the very next day to kick ideas around, which resulted in the initial freestyle that became Wits End.”

With a voice like a canary, the songstress has quickly made waves with her introspective, catchy releases that unleash her quirky, light-hearted personality. Drawing on jazz, R&B and reggae influences, Ashley Sage is said to use music to ‘get honest with herself,’ and brought exactly that energy to the table that day.

“This song has us stepping out of our comfort zones,” Gemimind continues. “Ms. Sage usually keeps to her singer-songwriter, ‘slice of life’ and indie R&B roots, whereas I usually veer towards a more hardcore rap sound. This is actually my first non-rap professional release.”

GemimindBeatz first discovered his unique ear for melodies at the age of just three, and spent his adolescence and teens studying with a range of mentors. “It was important to me to continuously expand my repertoire with a deep understanding of musical foundations,” he shares. “Once I had my heart set on producing hip-hop, my goal became clear.”

That clarity has translated into a concerted dedication to training towards a more sophisticated trap / rap sound, he adds, describing his now-signature brand of heavy polyrhythmic drum patterns, counterpoint melodies, and lush harmonies. “I use my classical and jazz styling as the basis.”

GemimindBeatz’s breakthrough mixtape Macro-Wave was his first self-produced showcase, and he’s since created an independent studio MailBox Money in Bushwick, Brooklyn alongside fellow artists and collaborators YeVetta, Bishop 98baby, and 10PushUps.

Check out Wits End above, listen to more of Ashley Sage’s music below, keep up Gemimind via his website, Facebook and Instagram and follow Ashley Sage on Instagram.