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Now Hear This | Oliver Tree | Ugly is Beautiful

The Gen Z meme master takes you on a roller coaster ride of comic disaster.

I ran out of time and words before I ran out of music to write about this week. So strictly speaking, this isn’t a review — but it’s definitely a recommendation. Check out the press release, watch some videos and hear for yourself.


THE PRESS RELEASE:Ugly is Beautiful is the first full-length release from Gen Z’s meme-making extraordinaire Oliver Tree, who announced his early retirement in March — only to return in May with the announcement of his debut after a hacker held Oliver hostage in exchange for 1 million Instagram likes (which Oliver logged in under 24 hours). On Ugly is Beautiful, Oliver Tree takes his millions of followers on an unpredictable roller coaster ride through a cracked world full of comic disaster. Ugly is Beautiful is the product of all of Oliver’s otherworldly experiences distilled into 14 songs — the promise of his EPs Alien Boy and Do You Feel Me? fulfilled. “The truth is, it’s my life’s work.”