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Flo & Eddie | Vintage Tour Poster

I don't know when this concert took place; I just know I definitely wasn't there.

Since I just posted my interview with Mark Volman, it seemed like a good time to toss up this ancient Flo & Eddie live poster I found in my collection. I know it’s not from the gig I wrote about when I was talking to Volman. It’s way older than that, though I’m not really sure how far back it dates — I’d guess it comes from sometime in the ’70s, judging by the ridiculously low ticket prices. I know I didn’t see this show, though I definitely wish I had. I also with I was old enough to have seen them with The Mothers of Invention, but hey, we can’t have everything in this life. You can own this poster, though — and if you’d like to take it off my hands, email me. I’d be happy to sell it to a fan.

UPDATE: This poster has been sold.