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Next Week in Music | June 29-July 5 • The Long List: 150 Titles On The Way

All the music headed your way in the coming days. And then some.

Apres le deluge, silence. Or at least as close as we’re ever gonna get. Following last week’s tsunami of more than 350 new releases, the pendulum has swung in the other direction — this week, there are only about 150 titles on the way. That’s what I call a slow week. So mark your calendars and pre-order your favourites — but don’t blame me if things change at the last minute:


ABBA | The Studio Albums Vinyl Box
Abominate | A Rotten Mind Becomes Violent
Adzes | No One Wants To Speak About It
Aleah | Aleah
Angeles | Hell on High Heels
Anteloper | Tour Beats Vol. 1
Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience | To Know Without Knowing
Attraktors | Attraktors
Balance Breach | Dead End Diaries
Charlie Barnes | Last Night Glitter
Bruno Bavota | Apartment Loops Vol. 1
bdrmm | Bedroom
Belzebong | Light The Dankness Reissue
Black Altar / Kirkebrann | Deus Inversus Split EP
Black Funeral | Scourge of Lamashtu
Blay Vision | Free
Bored Nation | Yellow EP
Boris | NO
David Bowie | Ouvrez Le Chien
Tim Bowness | Late Night Laments
Marchelle Bradanini | Only A Woman
Buckwild | Fully Loaded
Bury Tomorrow | Cannibal
The Charlatans | Between 10th and 11th Expanded
Cocktails | Catastrophic Entertainment
Colours In The Street | All The Colours
Convocation | Ashes Coalesce
Mikal Cronin | Switched-On Seeker
Cuddle Magic | Bath
Currents | The Way It Ends
Jeffrey Dahmer and the Dalai Lama | Jeffrey Dahmer and the Dalai Lama
DDent | Couvre-Sang
Deema | Chew Your Food EP
Deeper Graves | Open Roads
Deerhoof & Wadada Leo Smith | To Be Surrounded By Beautiful, Curious, Breathing, Laughing Flesh Is Enough
Dexateens | Live From Athens, GA – Heathens Homecoming 2020
Detlef Diederichsen | Volkskunst aus dem Knabengebirge
Dream Wife | So When You Gonna …
Christophe Dupin | Back to the Happiness
María Escarmiento | Sintiéndolo Mucho
Kay Fabian | Luxus / Luxuria
Filter Dread | Trickster
Greg Foat | Symphonie Pacifique
Freddie and the Dreamers | The Very Best of Freddie and the Dreamers
Jayda G | Both of Us / Are U Down
Gaika | Seguridad EP
Jack Gardiner | Escapades
Geld | Beyond The Floor
Gimmik | Entre Les Chambres
Gnod & João Pais Filipe | Faca de fogo
Gong Gong Gong 工工工, Anton Rothstein & Angel Wei Bernild | Rytme Og Drone III | 節奏與嗡鳴三
Gotshell | Lost Gateway
Gramma Vedetta | A.C.I.D. Compliant
Kina Grannis | In The Waiting
Forest Green | In Waves
Henry Green | Half Light
Greyboy Allstars | Como De Allstars
Kay Greyson | Paris EP
GRMLN | Morning Star
Hidden Rivers | Plainsight Lakes
Hieros | Triduum EP
Holiday Party | Holiday Party
Holy Wave | Interloper
Honne | No Song Without You
IGNEA | The Realms of Fire and Death
ILS | Curse
Implicit Doom | Z Side
Internet Death | Not Your Dog!
Irrepressibles | Superheroes
The Henry Jackson Company | The Henry Jackson Company Reissue
JAF Trio | JAF Trio
Morgan James | Memphis Magnetic
Jána | Flowerworks
Kiran Kai | XYZ EP
Bob Katsionis | Amadeus Street Warrior
Keleketla! | Keleketla!
Keze | Mobius_Remixes
Lambert | Alone II
Lapalux | Esrevoinma
Like Saturn | Something Beautiful
Limos | Tales of The White Eye EP
Little Kid | Transfiguration Highway
Local Suicide, Alejandro Paz | Peacock
Lucy and the Rats | Got Lucky
Mach-Hommy | Mach’s Hard Lemonade
Magenta | Masters of Illusion
Malcontent | Embodiment
Gucci Mane | Gucci Mane Presents: So Icey Summer
Maryann Cotton | Hallelujah
Scott McGaughey | You Don’t Need a Key To Leave
McStine & Minnemann | McStine & Minnemann
Moonlogue | Sail Under Nadir
Denai Moore | Modern Dread
Mora Prokaza | By Chance
Much the Same | Everything Is Fine
Naja | Colors Of Your Heart
Names Without Numbers | Names Without Numbers EP 20th Anniversary
Thiago Nassif | Mente
Qasim Naqvi | Beta EP
Thiago Nassif | Mente
Willie Nelson | First Rose of Spring
Nikitch & Kuna Maze | Débuts
NoCap | Steel Human
Northern Crown | In A Pallaid Shadow
Not A Boys Name | The Internet Sucks EP
Noteherder | Only If
Osta Love | About Time
Phoxjaw | Royal Swan
Pixie Ninja | Colours out of Space
Poltergeist | Feather Of Truth
Poppongene | Futures Unsure EP
Simon Posford | Flux & Contemplation – Portrait of an Artist in Isolation
Powerwolf | Best of the Blessed
Mora Prokaza | By Chance
Josie Proto | Pub Songs Vol. 1 EP
Pure Bathing Culture | Carrido EP
T. Raumschmiere | Schaukelstuhl
The Real McKenzies | Beer and Loathing
Recluse | Lay Your Darkness Down With Me
RockGati | Candy Cigarettes
Omar Rodríguez-Lopez | The Cloud Hill Tapes Vol. II
Rouge | Rayleigh Scattering
Round Eye | Culture Shock Treatment
Sahbabii | Barnacles
Ryan Sawyer | Your Heart Will Be Your Skin
Jill Scott | Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 Vinyl
Murat Sebert | Раз-во-ро-ты: 80, 70, 50, Interlude
Selena | Ones Vinyl
Sidewalk Prophets | The Things That Got Us Here
Pop Smoke | Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon
Soul Grinder | Chronicles of Decay
Special Request | Spectral Frequency
The Speedways | Radio Sounds
Sunbane / Adventsong | Tempest Accelerant EP
SVÄRD | The Rift EP
Temples on Mars | Parallels V. 1 EP
Galen Tipton | Goddexx EP
Too Much | Club Emotion
Treehouse | Unappealing EP
Twin Peaks | Side A
Various Artists | Off The Charts: The Song Poem Story Soundtrack
Various Artists | Battle Royale: The Album
Luke Vibert | Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop
We Are Only Human Once | Illumination
Weather Report | Live in London
Paul Weller | On Sunset
Westside Gunn | FLYGOD Is An Awesome GOD II
A.A. Williams | Forever Blue
Wolfhounds | Electric Music
MC Yallah and Eomac | Mama Waliwamanyii EP
Yard of Blondes | Close To Home EP
ZaeHD & CEO | Global Warning EP
Zavet | Velvet Heaven
Zico | Random Box



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