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Bad Touch | Kiss the Sky

These Norfolk retro-rockers are the musical equivalent of classic comfort food.

Music is like food. I try to stick to stuff that’s healthy and good for me and ethically produced and organic and all that shit. And most of the time I do. But every now and the, I just wanna have some junk food: Something greasy and salty and deep-fried and cheesy and meaty and just loaded with big fat empty calories. This blast of old-school, southern-tinged guitar-driven rock ’n’ roll from the long-haired, snakeskin-booted, Telecaster-wielding dudes of Norfolk’s Bad Touch is exactly what you need for your next cheat day. And it’s even got a kick-ass cover a Kiki Dee’s I’ve Got The Music In Me. So save room for dessert.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Wave of Classic Rock favourites Bad Touch release their new studio album Kiss the Sky. The highly anticipated fourth studio album Kiss The Sky was recorded, produced and mixed by Nick Brine at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales. The album was mastered by Pete Maher. “We’re so excited about this recording,” says lead singer Stevie Westwood. “Just to record our songs in such a legendary place as Rockfield was a real buzz. I know it’s a cliché but, in our humble opinion, this is our most exciting recording to date, and we can’t wait to get it out there in front of a crowd.” Kiss The Sky is a no-nonsense rock and roll album at heart. For their fourth album, Bad Touch have stripped everything right back and looked at what the essence of what makes a great album and at the core, great songs. They’ve stuck to what they do best, which is writing catchy, feel good rock music.”