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The Manchester trio's third album lives up to both halves of its provocative title.

“How can I be wrong when it feels so right?” Pins ponder on their third album Hot Slick. Truer words were never spoken. Deftly splitting the dif between disco, indie-pop, post-punk and dance-rock — and delivering the goods with plenty of swagger and sass — this Manchester trio fashion irresistible cuts that ensure this disc handily lives up to both halves of its provocative handle.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bold post-punk, female trio, Pins announce their third full-length LP Hot Slick. The vibrant album is filled with neon synths, loud guitars, and cheeky melodies that mirror the group’s new boldly hued imagery and create the sound of a girl gang refreshed and amplified. Hot Slick features a trio of recently released singles: the glitchy and cathartic title track (produced by Jamie Hince of The Kills) and anthemic Bad Girls Forever (produced by Rich Woodcraft) as well as the high-heeled skittering beat struts of Ponytail. The 10 new original tracks found the trio of singer/guitarist Faith Vern, guitarist Lois MacDonald and bassist Kyoko Swan welcoming a rotating cast of collaborators following the departure of their original rhythm section. Rich Woodcraft oversaw the entire project as producer and engineer, while Hince and Dean Horner contributed additional production and Nathan Saoudi of Fat White Family lent his talents on the keys. The resulting album highlights an expanded soundscape with nods to influences such as Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem, Suicide, and New Order.”