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Yonic South | Twix & Dive EP

Sure, you & your buddies could do this. But you didn't. They did. So shut it.

I know what you’re going to say: Hell, I could do that. And you’re totally right. You could. Twix & Dive, the latest EP from the noise-making, rule-breaking Italian garage-rock trio Yonic South, is exactly the sort of loosey-goosey, anything-goes, smart-arsed, warts-and-all recording you and your buddies could bash out in the basement in one very loaded night. But here’s the difference between them and you: They did it and you didn’t. So put up or shut up.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Italian three-piece Yonic South play a crude and boisterous brand of smash-and-grab garage punk laced with heady hits of psych and grinding bursts of noise. Comprised of members of Bee Bee Sea and Miss Chain & The Broken Heels, and sustained by a drip-feed of San Miguel, the band harbour obsessions with Twix bars, Gabber & hardcore techno, and Liverpool football club. In a squalid and assaultive sound that incorporates fanaticism and surreal humour, the band produce a signature new take on the myriad ferocities of Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips, and The Jesus & Mary Chain, whilst recalling the madcap irreverence of the Country Teasers and Swell Maps. Following last year’s debut EP Wild Cobs Yonic South return with Twix & Dive. Comprised of tracks dating back to their early days, before current drummer Johnny Lad joined the band, the EP reveals a group adopting a refreshingly naïve, DIY approach. Made using rudimentary equipment and lo-fi recording techniques, the four tracks included cover a wide and ambitious spectrum, from Oasis covers and Anfield soundtracks to psych noise ballads and Techno Viking dedications. There’s plenty more to come from this lot but for now Twix & Dive goes to prove that with Yonic South, anything goes.”