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Another week, another female-fronted crew of mischievous Australian rockers.

Another week, another female-fronted crew of mischievous Australians playing scrappy, crunchy indie-rock and pop-punk. Not that I’m complaining. After all, there are plenty of things worse in this world than a six-track EP fulla sugary melodies, buzzsaw guitars, crash-bash beats and a ’90s alt-rock vibe straight from the city where it was recorded. BloodsSeattle is a trip, all right. And one that might actually last longer than a week.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The Seattle EP was created in (you guessed it) Seattle; the city without a doubt most synonymous with the ’90s; the era undeniably pulsating through Bloods’ DNA. Pouring through rock mags and staying up late watching music videos on Rage, trying to catch a glimpse of her flannel-clad rock heroes, it would’ve seemed unthinkable to teenage MC that one day she’d be standing in a studio in Seattle about to record with her own band. But here is where MC and her bandmates Dirk Jonker (drums) and Mike Morgan (guitar, bass and backing vocals) found themselves — recording at Jack Endino’s Sound House (y’know just the guy who recorded Nirvana’s Bleach, no biggie), with Steve Fisk on production and mixing duties (yep, the dude who’s worked with Soundgarden and Mudhoney) and using the very amp Kurt Cobain played through on his band’s debut record. (!!!!!!) Bloods have dedicated their free-spirited new EP to that very place. Seattle’s six tracks are dripping in a wry, couldn’t-care-less attitude that would have been right at home in the Seattle of the ’90s.”