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Ghostpoet | I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep

There's no chance you'll doze off during the London artist nocturnal fifth full-length.

Need to stay up? No problem. Just push play on this fifth album from London singer-songwriter Obaro Ejimiwe. Moody, murky, minimalist and vaguely malevolent, these 10 tracks feature Ejimiwe’s darkly drawled deadpan vocals and hypnotically repetitive nocturnal monologues set atop smouldering art-rock grooves. They’re not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s virtually no chance you’ll doze off in the middle.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Two-time Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet (aka Obaro Ejimiwe) follows up 2017’s acclaimed Dark Days + Canapés with a record which couldn’t feel more prescient, a dystopian snapshot of the universal unease and anxiety we feel as we enter into this new decade, an uncertain future distilled across these 10 vital tracks. Recorded in London and written, arranged and produced by Ghostpoet, I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep incorporates a myriad of sounds and styles but is anchored by the more alt-rock sonics presented across his last two records. It features guest vocals from an eclectic mix of artists; Art School Girlfriend, Skinny Girl Diet’s Delilah Holiday, SaraSara and Katie Dove Dixon. Obaro has always had a keen ear for collaboration, having worked with the likes of Massive Attack, Nadine Shah, Melanie Di Biasio, Maximo Park’s Paul Smith and Damon Albarn’s Africa Express amongst others across his distinguished career.”