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Be-Bop Deluxe’s Axe Victim Box Set Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Not a fan? Feel free to post a video bitching me out like one classic rocker did.

Many years ago, the frontman of a classic Canadian rock band posted a video on his website publicly bitching me out in no uncertain terms. Even for a lifelong people-displeaser like me, this was unusual. Especially since I hadn’t written a word about him. Why was he so upset? Well, weirdly enough, he was angry BECAUSE I hadn’t written about him. As I learned after he calmed down and called me to apologize, he had supposedly paid a bunch of money to another Canadian rocker — a notorious hustler and acquaintance of mine — to have his album reviewed by me. He wasn’t alone; it turned out several other artists had apparently paid this creep in the mistaken belief that he had an in with me. I’ve never talked to the scammer again, which is no loss — he was one of those guys who’s always there when he needs you, ya know? Anyway, the reason I brought all this up was that during the first rocker’s semi-unhinged rant, he mentioned Be-Bop Deluxe as an example of the sort of ridiculously obscure group I would probably love and write about instead of his well-known, much more deserving band. He didn’t know how spot-on he was: The prog-rock cult heroes fronted by singer-guitarist Bill Nelson were (and remain) one of my favourite bands. Yours too? Then you’ve probably noticed they’ve been reissuing their classic ’70s albums in expanded box sets with outtakes, demos, alternate mixes and live recordings. And you’ll be happy to hear that their 1974 debut Axe Victim is the next title getting the major makeover treatment. The four-disc box, out June 19, features a newly remastered version of the album and two CDs of largely unreleased material, including two BBC Radio One sessions and the band’s 1973 audition for Decca Records. Count me in. Not your thing? No sweat; there are plenty of other new albums on the way. Scroll down to see the latest additions to the list, and hit the Upcoming Releases page for the whole giant roster. And if a certain Canadian rocker tells you he can get your album reviewed for a fee, just tell him to drop dead.

April 17

Almost Honest | Seiches & Sirens Cassette Reissue
Czern | Zgliszcza

April 24

The Grateful Dead | Dave’s Picks Vol. 34: Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, 6/23/74
The Hÿss | Extraterrestrial
999 | Bish! Bash! Bosh!

May 1

Cherie Currie | Blvds of Splendor
Patrick Holland | Simstim

May 8

Daedelus | What Wands Won’t Break

May 15

Wayne Nicholson & John Campbelljohn | Elmore’s Blues
Orions Belte | 600m per Minute

May 22

Entourage Music and Theater Ensemble | The Neptune Collection
Craig Kupka | Crystals: New Music for Relaxation 2
Ann McMillan | Gateway Summer Sound: Abstracted Animal & Other Sounds

May 29

Bad Moves | Untenable
Baths | Pop Music / False B-Sides II
Lesser Glow | Nullity
Ronnie Milsap | The Best Of
The Reflectors | First Impression

June 5

Baauer | Planet’s Mad
Dr. John | Ske Dat De Dat Vinyl Reissue

June 12

Sven Gali | 3 EP

June 19

Be-Bop Deluxe | Axe Victim Expanded Edition
Gum Country | Somewhere
The Hotrats | Turn Ons 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Julian Taylor | The Ridge

July 10

The Beths | Jump Rope Gazers

July 17

Asylums | Genetic Cabaret

July 31

Imperial Triumphant | Alphaville

August 14

Black Tractor | The Wonders of the Invisible World