Fiona Apple, July Talk, Josie Cotton & More Top Today’s Album Announcements

Of course, these days it's anybody's guess when their albums will actually arrive.

As the concert industry continues its slow but inevitable transformation into one vast livestreamed coffeehouse, recording artists are quickly (and just as inevitably) being divided into two distinct camps: 1) Those who keep pushing the release date of their album (you know who you are) in the optimistic belief that a month or two from now, people will be buying stuff and going to shows again; and 2) Those who throw up their hands and say, ‘Fuck it, let’s just post the damn thing online and be done with it; we all have more important shit to deal with right now than promoting music.’ I’ll let you decide where to slot the artists below; I have my own thoughts and preferences, naturally. All I will tell you is that Fiona Apple, July Talk, Josie Cotton and several others have added their names to the calendar today. Will their albums arrive on schedule, move around or vanish completely? Your guess is as good as mine, frankly. Scroll down to see what’s what, and visit the Upcoming Releases page regularly to keep up with the latest version of events.

April 3

The Record Company | Early Songs & Rarities Reissue

April 10

Plain White T’s | All That We Needed 15th Anniversary Edition

April 17

Stefan Alexander | Cry Again EP
Fiona Apple | Fetch The Bolt Cutters
The Sun Harmonic | It’s All Okay Thanks To You

May 1

Josie Cotton | Invasion of the B-Girls
Dave Douglas | Dizzy Atmosphere
Dramarama | Color TV

May 8

Of The Vine | Left Alone
Of The Vine | East-the-Water Reissue

June 5

John Frusciante | She Smiles Because She Presses The Button

July 10

July Talk | Pray For It

July 17

Kilo | Maybe We Could

August 21

Haley Blais | Below The Belt

August 28

Guided By Voices | Alien Lanes 25th Anniversary Edition

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