Indie Roundup | 20 Tracks To Choose This Tuesday

Jon Daly, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Born Ruffians and more make a day of it.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever take you there, Alex Izenberg pines for a woman, Jess Williamson ponders infinity, Single By Sunday call out Debbie and more in today’s Roundup. There’s no press release (and hence no entry) to go with it, but comedian Jon Daly’s shot-for-shot remake of The Rolling StonesStart Me Up video above is the best thing you’ll see today.

1 | Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever | She’s There

THE PRESS RELEASE:Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever announce their second record, Sideways to New Italy — out June 5 — and present a new single, She’s There. For the five-piece, returning to Melbourne after long stretches looking out at the world through the windows of airplanes and tour vans lead to a dislocation, like being the knot in the middle of a game of tug-o-war. Sideways to New Italy sees the band interrogate their individual pasts and the places that inform them. In clicking the scattered pieces back into place, they have crafted for themselves a new totem of home to carry with them no matter where they end up. “I wanted to write songs that I could use as some sort of bedrock of hopefulness to stand on, something to be proud of,” says Fran Keaney. “A lot of the songs on the new record are reaching forward and trying to imagine an idyll of home and love.” This is the bulk of Sideways to New Italy, which boasts love songs, and familiar voices and characters, grounding the band’s stories in their personal histories. She’s There is about love and heavy delusions. The accompanying video was directed by Nick McKinlay at Melbourne’s Coburg Motor Inn. “We tried to convey that feeling in a dream where you need to be somewhere, and you don’t really know why, but you are determined to overcome every obstacle to get there.”

2 | Alex Izenberg | Disraeli Woman

THE PRESS RELEASE:Alex Izenberg, a reclusive Los Angeles native from the Chatsworth neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, emerged in late 2016 with his debut album Harlequin, a fetching collection of hazy art-pop hymns praised for their “sweetness and heart” that immediately drew comparisons to chamber pop greats such as Van Dyke Parks, Harry Nilsson and Grizzly Bear. Four years on, Izenberg has today emerged from his homely cocoon to share new song Disraeli Woman — a whimsical piano-and-string pop love song singing of holding hands on the beach and flying to France with his beloved.”

3 | Jess Williamson | Infinite Scroll

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jess Williamson will release her revelatory new album, Sorceress, on May 15. Today, she offers its second single, Infinite Scroll, a sly commentary on life online (infinite scroll is a web design technique employed by social media outlets), as well as an appreciation for the magnitude of time itself, and how little we have here on Earth. Glowing synth and a steady drum beat give way to Williamson’s ethereal voice. Its accompanying video, directed by Jim Larson, was filmed at a time that seems so distant now, which Williamson explains: “We shot this video in early February, when the Coronavirus was a distant murmur and not an immediate threat here in the US. It was lurking in the ether though, and of course on some level we were aware of it, but we couldn’t have imagined at the time where we’d all be today. But something was clearly tapping on our subconscious minds, because we made a video about running away from this world and escaping to another planet. Which sounds like a pretty nice option at the moment.”

4 | Single By Sunday | Debbie

THE PRESS RELEASE: “U.K. band Single By Sunday shared their latest track Debbie alongside an official video for the infectious new single. Inspired by an internet transaction gone wrong, Debbie blends classic pop-punk tendencies with modern The 1975-esque vibes accented by bopping guitars. In the video band members Josh, Jonny, Jack and James wear matching outfits accented by their signature hair colors, juxtaposed by a white background and contemporary imagery. The group also called upon their fans to participate in the clip, which finds them singing and dancing along with the band. “Debbie is the track that proves on line shopping is not always as it should be. What should have a simple purchase of a pair of jeans turned out to be a ‘nod your head bop of a tune’. The short story is Jonny tried to buy some Jeans and got ripped off (her name really was Debbie).”

5 | Horseneck | Margaritadelphia

THE PRESS RELEASE: “West Coast post-hardcore/sludge metal faction Horseneck is pleased to unveil their newest video for Margaritadelphia, off their recently released full-length, Fever Dream. Shot safely with each member filming their parts separately in quarantine, the clip features a guest appearance by Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham. Comments guitarist Anthony Paganelli of the clip, “Margaritadelphia is about being stressed. It was written through the eyes of someone that is always looking for easy way out instead of facing their problems head on. The video is meant to be lighthearted and hopefully brings some laughter during these heavy times. We wanted to make this video to not only keep busy ourselves, but more importantly keep people’s spirits up and stay united. It’s a weird time but we’re in it together.”

6 | The Rentals | Forgotten Astronaut

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The music video for Forgotten Astronaut arrives in conjunction with the release of The RentalsForgotten Astronaut Special Feature EP. Both releases aim to remind us of the extraordinary things mankind is capable of accomplishing when we work with a common goal and purpose. Just as citizens from all nations and the global space community came together in 1969 — another very uncertain and tumultuous time in our collective story — against all odds, we came out the other side a little wiser and perhaps a little more hopeful. The otherworldly achievement of Apollo 11 continues to inspire future generations to create a better world for everyone.”

7 | Sameer Cash | Driveway Moment

THE PRESS RELEASE:Sameer Cash recently shared his new single, Driveway Moment, written as the result of the kind of heartbreaking, and redemptive work that compels us to be better. Today, Cash is sharing the new live video of the track, directed by Colin Medley and recorded with Jonas Bonetta in the quiet solitude of his studio, Port William Sound, in Northern Ontario. The live video was captured and performed “in a time when we took isolation for granted, when we felt we had to leave the city to slow ourselves down, and to get away from all the noise,” says Cash. “Everything seems a lot quieter now.” At the studio, “we slept four people in a cabin, heated by damp logs and strong coffee. We’d wake up every day and just make stuff — photos, music videos, anything we could think of. In between all that, we’d trudge out the studio at some point each day, and try to capture something real. This live video is the first offering in that series.”

8 | Same | Bluish

THE PRESS RELEASE: “From the first crackling notes of It’s Lonely in Doggie Hell, the opening track of Same’s debut LP Plastic Western, the band locks into a groove that never really lets up. A quiet riff fades in from a distance then, like a radio tuning to find the right frequency, it’s quickly interrupted by a brief drum fill before a fuzz-filled bass line sets the tempo, intertwining over a languid beat. Just like that Same sets off on a 12-song journey. But Plastic Western isn’t a sprint toward a finish line, it’s an album that takes its time to hang out, get cozy, and soak in all the weird sights. “Originality and experimentation are things we talked about a lot early on — and still do,” says Tom Higgins. He concedes that the “core influences do shine through,” but from the band’s earliest practices, there was a shared drive to push themselves to make music outside of any sort of box. “We didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves into making a certain kind of music,” he adds. “A lot of people make a band and say ‘We want our band to sound like this other band that we like.’ We had all done that before. We wanted to actively stay away from that mindset.”

9 | Onur | Wired

THE PRESS RELEASE: “More determined than ever, Onur is back with his new single Wired. Written and produced by Onur himself, the track is a strong pledge of self-belief, expanding on his musical horizons and encouraging his audience to celebrate their growth and to never shrink themselves just to make others feel comfortable. “I made this song at a time when a lot of my ‘friends’ started to resent me for the little success I started to make in music after working so hard to even get there. It’s a difficult situation to be in but I basically said fuck ‘em and wrote an unapologetic song playing up to my ego, about the joy of seeing people hate me for no reason, hence, I’m WIRED.”

10-12 | Coilguns | Manicheans / Periscope / Blackboxing

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A few months after the official release of its third full-length album Watchwinders, Swiss Hardcore/Noise/Punk/Metal quartet Coilguns just shared a three-track live session shot earlier this year by Timothé Chételat at Antigel Festival 2020 in Switzerland. For more explanations : the show took place on a boardwalk under construction by the Geneva Lake. Also it was very cold. Coilguns have been flying the flag for the DIY scene since 2011. The band counts a total of four EPs and three full lengths in their back catalogue and their history is deeply bound to the development of guitarist Jona Nido’s own label that is home to more than 70 releases including the Coilguns discography.”

13 | Slow Leaves | Sentimental Teardrops

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This Friday, Winnipeg’s Slow Leaves — singer-songwriter Grant Davidson — will release his sixth studio album Shelf Life. Today, he is sharing the new video for album cut Sentimental Teardrops. “This song is a defence of my fears, conceits, and contradictions,” says Davidson. “Some of us were born with broken hearts and find comfort in slipping into sentimentality as though into an old pair of slippers. The video intends to be as transparent as the song.” Rooted in reflections on time, Shelf Life is a record about growing up to realize you are not the person you thought you would be. It is a collection of songs that wades between tides of past and present, success and failure, things lost and things found. The result is a collection of musical vignettes, woven together by the loose threads of a tangled life.”

14 | Klo Pelgag | J’aurai les cheveux longsInbox

THE PRESS RELEASE:Klô Pelgag is unveiling J’aurai les cheveux longs, a touching song about reconciliation. Klô explains: “In order to provide some relief and to brighten your home confinement, we’ve decided to share with you J’aurai les cheveux longs. This is a song about waiting, and a call for reconciliation. For some of you, this situation might make you want to think things over or to mend fences with some people, to forgive or to be forgiven, even if you’re not to blame. You might also think about the relationships that deserve to be preserved and those you should let go.”

15 | Annie Hamilton | Panic

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian musician, visual artist and fashion designer Annie Hamilton announces her self-titled debut solo EP due out May 1. Hamilton has also shared new single Panic and its accompanying lyric video. In what she describes as a conversation with her anxiety, the new track is an ode to paralytic self-doubt framed around a four-bar loop of repetitious, sonic claustrophobia. “This EP is the culmination of the last few years spent finding my voice as a solo artist. These songs have come from a place of introspection and experimentation, following my intuition while improving my production and engineering skills in the process.” she says. “When I started writing these songs I didn’t think anyone would hear them — it was an intensely private experience, writing only for myself, for my own creative fulfillment and desire. As the project has evolved over time, I’ve always come back to this as the underlying motivation — to follow my gut, trust my instincts and to not let the fear of external pressure or judgment influence my music.”

16 | Corrupt (UK) | Tick Tock Feat. Natz

THE PRESS RELEASE:Corrupt (UK) brings his signature low-end grooves via a seductive 4×4/bassline-infused Tick Tock, featuring vocals from frequent collaborator Natz. Hailing from the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, Corrupt (UK) has developed a unique brand that integrates Northern England’s classic bassline energy with the furious bass house beats coming out of North America. His ability to channel cross-continental influences has led him to stages around the world, performing in Russia, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand among others. With more beats promised throughout the year and a relentless spirit, the up-and-comer is poised for a breakout 2020.”

17 | Born Ruffians | Breathe

THE PRESS RELEASE:Born Ruffians remind everyone to Breathe today with their new single. Discussing the new track, Luke Lalonde stated, “Breathe is about our relationship with our own memories — though more focused on the uninvited memories that impose themselves on us at random times. Sometimes on a bus, I will shudder or audibly gasp because my brain will deliver something I did in Grade 5 and regret terribly. Or sometimes a nice memory will pop by for a visit. It’s sort of about the battle between the light and the dark in my brain, fighting each other for real estate up there. To quote myself… I had a dream love and light were winning. I woke up laughing. I woke up singing.”

18 | Allegra Krieger | The Push And The Pull

THE PRESS RELEASE:Allegra Krieger released a brand new song titled The Push And The Pull, which she explains “is a reflection on each person’s capacity to experience great emotional heights and depths.” Reminiscent of indie folk artists like Laura Marling and Feist, on The Push And The Pull Krieger weaves an intimate tale about the balance and duality of emotional discordance that belies her age. Krieger’s captivating voice and mellow acoustic guitar take the spotlight on this bittersweet yet utterly infectious song. Allegra Krieger is a Brooklyn based songwriter & composer. With emotive lyricism weaving through explorative harmony, her songs are at once cathartic and compelling. Her first full length LP will be released later this year.”

19 | Andrew Gold | Come Down to Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “But in 1973, like so many singer songwriters in Los Angeles, Andrew Gold was just another talented guy looking for a record deal. Brought to Clover Recorders by producer Chuck Plotkin, Gold set out to lay down the many songs he had written that he’d hoped would land him a recording contract. Over a period of many months, Plotkin and Gold recorded numerous songs that would ultimately land him a deal with Asylum Records, which released his first album in the fall of 1975. Interestingly, none of the songs recorded in 1973 would appear on any of Andrew’s four solo albums over the next several years … until now!”