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Talking Heads | The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads 1982 Promo Poster

Amid the latest reunion rumours, here's a cool memento from the band's glory days.

This week, Talking Heads — or at least someone claiming to be Talking Heads — started an Instagram account. So naturally, people immediately started nattering about a reunion tour. I’ll believe it when I see it; those rumours have been swirling around for more than a decade now, and thankfully they’ve come to naught. I say ‘thankfully’ because let’s be honest: Most reunion tours are disappointing cash-grabs that only end up tainting the legacies of once-great bands. The indisputably awesome Talking Heads deserve better than that. So honestly, I hope that Instagram account is just there to hype a new box set or documentary or something. But for those who believe this will finally be the year that David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth and Chris Franz bury the hatchet and hit the road to play Psycho Killer, Once In a Lifetime and other classics at a summer festival near you, well, good luck. Either way, it seems like a good time to show off this large, very artsy promo poster from their excellent 1982 double-live album The Name of This Band is Talking Heads. My crappy photograph really doesn’t do it justice; the images and type are razor sharp, and the colours are bright and unfaded. It makes me wish I had seen them on that tour. I didn’t. In fact, I never got to see them. That’s life. But I did have this sucker on my wall for many a year. If you’d like to have it on your wall, email me and I’d be happy to sell it to you. And who knows? Maybe you can get them all to sign it at a reunion show someday. Just don’t hold your breath. UPDATE: This poster has been sold.