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Indie Roundup (XXX+I Edition) | 31 New Tracks For Your Weekend

Get the party started with the help of Mowgli's, iskwē, Brux, Tan, Pony and more.

The Mowgli’s fight for peace, iskwē dances with danger, Luke Lalonde kicks up some dust, Fruition have amnesia, Sepultura step into the isolation chamber and more in today’s mammoth Friday Roundup. You might need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way back from the end of this one.

1 | The Mowgli’s | Fighting With Yourself

THE PRESS RELEASE: “All of life is a journey and the best journeys are those taken with friends. For the five members of The Mowgli’s that road has seen their friendship tested and rebuilt numerous times. From their earliest Venice, Calif., days as a 10+ revolving cast of characters to their current line-up, the core members have evolved from playing midnight warehouse parties to the stages of the largest festivals. They have also just released the first in a series of singles. Entitled Fighting With Yourself, the tune is a new direction for the band – reflecting on the past, dropping your baggage, getting out of your own way, being honest about your failings and moving forward.”

2 | iskwē | Night Danger

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today, award-winning alternative-electronic artist iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ (short for waseskwan iskwew, meaning “blue sky woman”) releases her highly-anticipated new album, acākosīk (pronounced acha-ko-suk). The independent release features the epic brand new single Night Danger (explicit) – co-produced with the legendary gggarth (Garth Richardson). The song is complemented by a stunning video directed by Elena Vazintaris, captured by award-winning Director of Photography Maya Bankovic, choreographed by David Norsworthy, and featuring dancers Chantelle Goode and Jade Manns. “Sometimes we see all we need to when we first meet someone new, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we keep our distance;” shares iskwē. “Night Danger is a song about these warning signs, the delicious and the dangerous, and how sometimes, even though we see them all, it’s like the universe has its own plan for us and we are simply the pawns riding on a merry-go-round without a clear end in sight.”

3 | Luke Lalonde | Dusty Lime

THE PRESS RELEASE:Luke Lalonde has released a new single, Dusty Lime, and accompanying video in anticipation of his new record The Perpetual Optimist, which will be out Nov. 22. In addition to touring with long time indie faves like Born Ruffians, ∫ is currently preparing for upcoming solo appearances. The title-track for his new record has also been getting significant airplay.”

4 | Fruition | Forget About You

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Pacific Northwest roots-rockers Fruition released the much-anticipated Wild As The Night, a 7-song collection of new music showcasing their honest song-crafting skills and individual musical talents in a blend that could only be forged from years of playing together. Wild As The Night’s second single pulses underneath a tale of longing for a lost love from the never-ending road. “‘It’s a song that came out of me in less than 10 minutes at a hotel parking lot, with no instrument, just a melody, in the middle of the night after driving 8 hrs,” says Fruition’s electric guitar slinger and singer, Jay Cobb Anderson. “It’s an honest and vulnerable look at what the road life can feel like.”

5 | Brux | B.W.P.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Tilting her gaze towards social media superficiality, Australia’s Brux delivers a leftfield gem on B.W.P. Meticulously merging house, techno and pop influences, the moody single offers a light dose of social commentary, rife with flamboyant energy and a heavy dose of celestial synths. B.W.P. is the first single off Brux’s forthcoming debut EP, scheduled for a 2020 release. “This track for me is all about observing narcissism via social media. The involuntary addiction and competition of presenting our lives online to others, as false as that may be…!” says Brux.”

6 | Sepultura | Isolation

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Brazilian metal icons Sepultura have announced that their electrifying new concept album, Quadra will be released Feb. 7. Next to that, the band is proud to present the debut single Isolation. The song can best be described as punishing, experimental thrash slap in the face. Sepultura debuted the song live at Rock in Rio Festival last month. The performance was recorded and turned into an impressive live video, so their fanbase worldwide can also experience the explosive live energy and charisma of Isolation. With Isolation, Sepultura comes up with a highly sociocritical issue as singer Derrick Green says: “Isolation is a song that was written about the U.S. prison system. The inhuman practice of solitary confinement changes the mental stability of prisoners. They are not being rehabilitated but are transformed to become worst. Once they are released back into society we all pay the price for what has been done to them.”

7 | Tan | Pharmacy

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tan have had a quick rise in the Danish electronic music scene, with their transcending take on dance music. Accompanied by dancers and drag queens, their live sets seem to continuously expand the forms of their retrofuturistic take on music into new territories, which makes Tan an interesting act to watch. Tan is planning the release of their debut album in spring 2020. Their new track Pharmacy is the first single from their upcoming album. The song is an ode to the 90s dance scene with its pushing beat, build ups around consistent and explosive synths, and is thematically inspired by warfare.”


8 | Pony | Limerence

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Since the band’s inception, Pony have released two EPs. Although the band may have missed their rightful chance to soundtrack the penultimate dance scene of every ’90s teenage romantic comedy, their debut full length — which is due out in 2020 — will be filled with more than enough emotive glitter power pop to accompany our modern-day crush-filled daydreams. The band’s new single Limerence, a sludgy guitar pop song, inspired by the all-consuming/crushing feeling you get when you initially feel drawn to another person. “The song is inspired by the all consuming/crushing feeling you get when you initially feel drawn to another person. It feels like there are butterflies in your stomach made of razor blades. It’s simultaneously amazing and awful when you feel powerful yet vulnerable, and wondering if your feelings are reciprocated can be actual torture. Limerence is truly about getting crushed by your crush, and the feelings that coincide with that. We wanted to tell a story about how exciting it is to feel like you are falling in love, juxtaposed by feeling terrified that the other person might not be falling as hard as you. Lust is a double edged sword,” say Pony.”

9 | Pat Irwin & J. Walter Hawkes | Automatic 3

THE PRESS RELEASE:Automatic 3 is a collection of influences and instruments, from an organ found in the streets of LIC to a 1980s Commodore 64 computer — with a Stratocaster, a Fender bass, and a trombone (or two or three or…) folded into the mix. Add a vocoder and a reflective walk to a still pond in the middle of Virginia for good inspiration, and the recipe is complete. Directed and animated by @riel martian, Automatic 3 is an exploration of our relationship with technology and electronics. Footage of vintage electronics/computer hardware from Hawkes’ collection and images from old electronic texts are featured in a contemporary collage of visual effects.”

10 | Nowhere To Be Found | The Prey

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alternative four-piece alt-rock group Nowhere To Be Found released their latest single The Prey, taken from their upcoming album. It’s a song about limits, about frustration, about being fed up. “Sometimes you’re just doing your own thing, living your own life, minding your own business, and these things/forces/people just get in your way, and try to change you. And usually that’s when you become dangerous, when the prey becomes the hunter,” says lyricist Tiago.”

11 | Ezox | Stay With Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A few weeks after the official release of their brand new full-length album One Last Breath, French melodic metallers Ezox just unveiled a new music video illustrating the song Stay With Me. Founded in 2013 in South-East of France, Ezox is a melodic metal four-piece which spend its first year as a band to write some songs and find its own musical path. Ezox’s first effort official Crawl To Paradise compiling the works written between 2014 and 2018 is a bewitching journey through violence and melodies of an announced disaster that sounds like crushing waves…”

12 | Spinning Coin | Feel You More Than World Right Now

THE PRESS RELEASE:Spinning Coin will release their second album Hyacinth on Feb. 21. Today, Spinning Coin are pleased to share the first song from Hyacinth, Feel You More Than World Right Now. With an animated video directed by Joseph May, the new track comes penned by Sean Armstrong – now one of three songwriters in the band alongside Jack Mellin and Rachel Taylor.”

13 | Andrew Hibbard | Changes

THE PRESS RELEASE:Andrew Hibbard is a musician, songwriter, singer and writer of poetry. Born in Hamilton, Ohio in the late months of 1995, he began playing guitar at the age of six when his father showed him some basic chords. Since high school he’s been picking and roaming, following the paths cut by his musical forebears — Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Chet Atkins and Lightnin’ Hopkins. Andrew has released two studio albums to date; Foot in the Door (2012) and Under the Knife (2015). Andrew claims to have written nearly 300 songs, most of which he’s scrapped, lost or forgotten. Luckily a dozen of the best have survived the culling and are slated for release on his third self-titled LP, due out in the spring of 2020.”

14 | Kirk Windstein | Dream in Motion

THE PRESS RELEASE:Kirk Windstein, the sludge metal pioneer and unmistakable earthmoving bellow of Crowbar, stomps forward as a solo artist for the very first time. Dream in Motion, Windstein’s singular debut and a recording that sees the Dark Lord of the Southern Riff stretch his creative wings and strengthen his indelible legacy, arrives Jan. 24. A first taste of what Kirk’s solo debut holds in store can be experienced now as Windstein drops a video for the record’s title track. “I had been thinking about doing something a little more mellow for some time. It’s something I wanted to do, I needed to do. It’s another side of my songwriting, my personality. It’s not even that this isn’t heavy, because there are bits and pieces that are very heavy. But even the heaviest riff on this is something I couldn’t really do in Crowbar. If some Crowbar fans don’t like it, I’ll understand. But I hope people dig it.”

15+16 | Nerija | Where It Ends And Begins & Riverfest

THE PRESS RELEASE:Nérija are happy to share new single, Where It Ends And Begins, following the release of their debut album Blume in August to critical acclaim. Originally recorded during the Blume sessions, Where It Ends And Begins brings a successful 2019 to a close for the London-based septet. The release of Where It Ends And Begins coincides with the band’s debut on UK national TV, performing live on Later… With Jools Holland. Blume is a truly breath-taking collection of compositions that perfectly encapsulates everything Nérija; vibrant, engaging, infectious and truly current. For just over an hour, they take us on a sprawling wonderful journey, arriving at what is a majestic body of work; their personal and collective experiences and inspirations over the last half decade or so.”

17 | Hasse de Moor | Bad Boys

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Dutch producer Hasse de Moor leaves no shortage of fun on the swagger-fueled Bad Boys, propped up by chaotic drops, propulsive drum kicks and a cheeky vocal sample. Building on the success of previous singles All Night and Curbi collaboration ADHD, Bad Boys is a party-starting anthem inspired by the likes of Diddy, Maradona and bad boys around the world who work equally as hard as they play.”

18 | The Brother Brothers | Summer Rain

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Brother Brothers have released the new song Summer Rain. Today’s song follows several fervently received one-off releases from The Brother Brothers — including the fan-favorited single Siren Song, a charming performance video of album favorite Colorado featuring folk star Sarah Jarosz, and the new animated music video for Banjo Song created by Taylor Ashton. The Brother Brothers are expected to release their sophomore album in 2020. Their first full-length was released in 2018 on Compass Records and drew critical praise.”

19 | 2nd Generation WU | 7.O.D.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Recently celebrating 25+ years of WU, we now know how that Legacy becomes a Dynasty. 2nd Generation WU picks up their own torch, lit from their parents, and blazes a trail all their own. Led by the core of iNTeLL (son of U-God) and PXWER (son of Method Man) and featuring SUN GOD (son of Ghostface Killah) and Young Dirty Bastard (son of the late Old Dirty Bastard), 2nd Generation WU has split off the Wu-Tang family tree and created a new branch all their own. With the release of their debut single 7.O.D., 2nd Generation WU kicks off with a tight track that hearkens the glory days of hip hop, just like when their fathers launched Wu. “Not only am I ecstatic that a song I’ve been trying to make for 13 years is actually in existence, but we actually get to share it with the world in the proper fashion,” says iNTeLL. “I’m ridiculously excited and I think it’s definitely in my top five favorites of songs I’ve made throughout my career.”

20 | Wirethrone | Serpent Queen Pt. I: Monarch

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Tampa Melodic Death Metal artists Wirethrone will release their new EP Serpent Queen on Nov. 25. Guitarist James Harper explains what the EP means to the band: “This EP is very ambitious and unique with some of the most dynamic music we’ve ever written. This EP is one song, split into four parts that flows seamlessly into one another. We are incredibly happy with the production from Mastersound, and we’re extremely excited to share with all our fans.”

21 | Sodom | Out of the Frontline Trench

THE PRESS RELEASE: “German Thrash Metal legends Sodom have released their new digital single Out Of The Frontline Trench. This song is also the title track of the forthcoming EP, which will be released on Nov. 22. Tom Angelripper says: “Postcards and letters from my granddad, which I discovered among the things he left behind when he died, and some TV documentaries have given me a vague idea of what it must have been like for soldiers back in those days to leave their trenches and face those life-threatening battles.”

22 | Danielle Cormier | Coming Home This Christmas

THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s that time of year again for holiday tunes! North Carolina native and current Nashville artist Danielle Cormier has a new holiday song called Coming Home This Christmas. Living away from family, she wrote this song “about being with the ones you love for the holiday. Sometimes Christmas is the only time of year people get to go home and see their families.”

23 | Lesley Ann Foster | Keep Faith

THE PRESS RELEASE:Lesley Ann Foster is a Montreal based singer-songwriter, DJ, and radio host who has been a staple in the Montreal music scene. From UK dance, soul, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, and dark R&B, Foster’s sound draws from her eclectic musical taste and her growth as a collaborator. After a cross-Canada tour this summer, she’s gearing up to release a new EP titled All My Lost Chances Are Beautiful. Her new single is out today and called Keep Faith.”

24 | Danny Toeman | Give It All Up

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The new single from North London’s soul sensation Danny Toeman is Give It All Up. The track presents a dramatically beautiful, classic love song that perfectly captures his use of fusing vintage sounds with contemporary style. “It’s a love letter to all the audiences I’ve played to that have given me the energy to keep on living this life,” he says. Toeman has performed to sold out audiences at prestigious venues such as Alexandra Palace and the O2 Arena, as well as supporting soul luminaries such as Kool & The Gang, Betty Wright, Michael Kiwanuka, and Charles Bradley.”

25 | Loser Company | Blueberry Skies

THE PRESS RELEASE:Loser Company was formed in 2018 by Will Saunders and Masato Kihira and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Two long time friends of over 20 years from Detroit, MI, they decided that if they did not allow themselves to create, they would destroy themselves. Years had been wasted chasing the wrong things; their lives were empty without music. They happened to be in California together. The two Losers merged. Loser Company was born. We just want people to enjoy our music. We aim for contagious hooks and melody layered between gritty harmonics and atypical chord structures. In a world divided, losers unite! We want our music to be a uniting force. Everyone has lost something. Everyone feels like a Loser sometimes. Never assume victory. Don’t be afraid to lose. Losers make good company.”

26 | Bart Budwig | Human Again

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bart Budwig is a son of Idaho, a cosmic country crooner, a rousing trumpet player, and cryin’-style soul singer. His music is made up of seemingly incongruous parts; thrum & strum country rhythms, jazz guitar melodies, R&B vocals. When Bart sings he draws out words into meditative mantras, whole note neologisms that keep you hanging on until his raspy voice trails off in a ragged edge. His forthcoming album Another Burn On The AstroTurf was recorded over five days by a seven-piece band inside the historic OK Theater in Enterprise, OR. It’s a melancholy rhapsody that recalls the uncorked rock n’ roll spirituality of king mystic Van Morrison, the gloomy nostalgia of dark prince Nick Drake and the songcraft sans self-seriousness of 70s Muscle Shoals. The first single, Human Again is available now for sharing. Bart describes it simply… ” I was taught a lot about relationships at church and in private school, some helpful, some painful, and some quite strange. I’m still trying to make sense of it all.”

27 | Karolina Rose | Objection

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging alt-pop artist Karolina Rose follows up her well-received single Greytopia with a dark spin on Shakira’s legendary Objection.The Shakira classic is a sexy yet playful story of a tortured love triangle, which is mirrored in the indulgent production of Karolina’s high-class offering helmed by Elliot Jacobson. Karolina explained: “She’s such a global, iconic superstar and I have loved her songs all my life. I randomly started belting out Objection in between a session with my producer Elliot – he then encouraged me to cover the song while putting our own twist on it. We filmed with my friend’s baby to represent motherhood and the Divine Feminine strength. This decision was also intended to be an ode to Shakira, given that she posed with a baby on the iconic artwork for her Oral Fixation, Vol. 1 album.”

28 | Chief State | Deciduous

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver pop-punk five-piece Chief State have released the first single off their forthcoming album titled Tough Love, which will be released in early 2020. Chief State’s guitarist Nik Pang says, “Deciduous is a song about the transition in seasons from summer into fall and winter. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, a lot of people, myself included, tend to isolate themselves and get into a really negative headspace. The song uses the metaphor of deciduous and evergreen trees to explain how some really struggle through the colder months, while others remain unchanged. As much as the song is about struggling with seasonal depression, it still keeps a relatively positive outlook, because after all, it never stays cold forever.”

29 | Phlake | Baby Steps

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Danish experimental R&B duo Phlake unveil another slice of luscious R&B-tinged pop with new single Baby Steps. “It’s is about taking small steps towards big changes. The way to hell is paved with good intentions. And the freeway of dreams can take you for a hell of a ride”, explain the band.”

30 | Chey Rose | Golden Days

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chey Rose taps into a deeper emotional vulnerability in her brand new single Golden Days, an experimental pop/R&B tune that reminisces on childhood and young love. In this bittersweet tale of growing up, Chey’s raw, intimate vocal slowly builds into a passionate cry yearning for the precious things that are lost in the journey to adulthood: carefree innocence, reckless love, and untainted, child-like wonder. At its core, Golden Days is about memories and longing for the past. “Growing up is hard. Change is hard,” Chey says. “It can be good, but it’s still hard. So, whether it’s missing a person, a place, an emotion or a past self, I want this song to be a comfort to anyone experiencing those feelings of loss. I really hope it’s a home to people who may be missing their own.”

31 | Bonnie X Clyde | Curse

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bonnie X Clyde’s new single Curse follows their Bad Behavior as a continuation of their vocal bass style. The track incorporates all aspects BXC want to achieve with their music. It tells a story, tugs at your heartstrings, but it’s dark and gives the tension you can experience at their shows. “Inspiration for this song sonically came from our background of loving hip hop, rock, and electronic music. Heavy guitar riffs, lots of bass, lots of vocal chops/vocal manipulation. Lyrically the inspiration also comes from hip hop. When we originally wrote the lyrics, we felt the rhythm and vibe of the vocal was quick, to the point, & drove you like a rap song. The song is about how you can be under the spell of someone and feel like a victim to their energy. It’s dark but uplifting, and intense but sultry,” say Bonnie X Clyde.”

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