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Indie Roundup | Seven New Songs To Help Ease Into Your Week

Improve your Monday with the sounds of Gino & The Goons, Blitz Vega and more.

Blitz Vega lose it and find it again, The Wilderness sing Jan’s praises, Frankiie go for the glory, Gino & the Goons hit it and more in today’s Roundup. I already ate all the damn Halloween candy! Oh well, back to the store.

1 | Blitz Vega | Lost and Found

THE PRESS RELEASE:Blitz Vega (featuring Andy Rourke of The Smiths and KAV, formerly of Happy Mondays), have released a trippy, vibrant new music video for their song Lost & Found, directed by the group’s art director, former graffiti artist Paul Mulvey. The video follows the song’s release last month. In addition to the new video, Blitz Vega will also be releasing their brand new single LA Vampire on Halloween. A kaleidoscopic acid trip, the video for Lost and Found features bright and bold colors/symbols flooding the screen against distorted footage of the band playing live. The digital montage fits the song’s message of hope perfectly, with the colors and special effects adding a euphoric vibe. “We are living through chaotic times,” says KAV. “The confusion & uncertainty is unsettling. People are understandably disillusioned, angry & frustrated. The level of dysfunction & madness is apparent every time we read the papers, go online or turn on our TV’s. There is so much chaos. The hate preachers are gaining acceptance & there is uncertainty and toxicity in every day discourse which is affecting people’s every day lives. It’s a domino effect. But we have to be positive & find a way through.” He continues, “The song and video are about us not letting it tear us apart. Not letting the madness get to us. We are stronger than that! Find joy & happiness & do good where we can; however small it seems, it all adds up. It’s about making the best of the good & bad times, because these are your times and you will never get them back.”

2 | The Wilderness | Watermelon Jan

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In May 2017 while driving through upstate New York we made a wrong turn onto a suburban street. Completely lost we asked a lady who was watering the plants outside of her house for directions. This wrong turn and brief interaction with a complete stranger changed our lives forever. Her name was Jan, soon to be known to us as “Watermelon Jan”. When we told Jan who we were and what we were doing, her face lit up and she immediately ran back into her house and came out a few moments later brandishing a watermelon, orange juice and some snacks for the road. Her spirit and energy was magnetic and her kindness had a profound impact on all of us. Over the months that followed Jan became our biggest fan and we became bigger fans of hers. Often she would mention on her social media that it was on her bucket list to see us perform. Unfortunately she was unable to come to Canada to see us so we hatched an elaborate plan. Over the course of a few months and with the help of her two sons, Jake Mulholland and Dillon, we planned to give Jan a surprise private show, to repay some of the kindness that she showed us. Finally on March 18 of 2018, with only an hours sleep, we set off to Syracuse. We brought along our friends from Breathe Entertainment to film it all unfold. After several months of detailed planning Jake persuaded Jan to allow the cameras to follow her around for the day, under the impression that it was part of a documentary about everyday life in Syracuse. It went off without a hitch and Jan did not see it coming. Many tears were shed, we were exhausted but we gave our biggest fan the show that she has always dreamed of seeing. This video has almost been two years in the making. We’re so grateful to everyone involved who helped us pull this off and we’re incredibly excited to share this with you all.”

3 | Frankiie | Glory Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Our favourite dream rock four-piece has released a new video for their single Glory Me. Glory Me is a meditation on impermanence filtered through the spacious, full sound the band is known for. This track explores how we find complexity in the mundane, and Frankiie has given us a video that truly captures that essence.”

4 | Blood Orange | Dark & Handsome

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today, Blood Orange released the self-directed video for Dark & Handsome, the second music video from the mixtape Angel’s Pulse. The track and video also features Toro Y Moi.”

5 | Blood Eagle | Kill Your Tyrants

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Denmark-based death metal band Blood Eagle released their second EP of 3 on Oct. 15th. Today the band offer fans a video visualizer of their song Kill Your Tyrants off the EP. The band comments, “Here’s one of our favorite and best songs we’ve ever written! Well… all of them are good if we have to be the judges. Playing it is like sheer energy and it will feel like a kick in your teeth. Here’s some fast and dirty punk grind called Kill Your Tyrants!” The band is comprised of former members of Volbeat, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Illdisposed, and Raunchy. Officially surfaced in 2013, good friendship and love for old school death metal have made Blood Eagle an unstoppable force.”

6 | Twin Tribes | The River

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Brownsville post-punk/darkwave artists Twin Tribes spent a majority of the past year touring the United States and playing with genre prolific artists She Past Away, Actors, Kaelan Mikla, Ash Code and many more. They have established themselves as one of the best up and coming young artists within the scene today. Twin Tribes now set their sights on their sophomore album Ceremony, out Dec. 13. Ceremony is a change of pace for Twin Tribes, focusing on love, loss, pain, life, death and influenced by personal events in the duo’s life.”

7 | Gino & The Goons | Hit & Run

THE PRESS RELEASE:Gino and the Goons are a American rock n’ roll band. They are fast and loose, loose and loud. Not so fast you can’t dance and not too loose where you’ll catch a VD. Gino Bambino started this band in 2007 and he will end it when he sees fit. Goons come and go. Some come and come again. Others don’t. Stationed in Tampa, Florida, and traveling all over the world, they want to come to your town and boogie down. They want to make you sweat, dance and laugh all at once. In the spirit of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s they bring you a fart sound of today. I meant, fresh. A fresh sound of today. Rock n roll is forever! Gino and the Goons are forever!”