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Saffron A | Flashes: Exclusive Single Premiere

Singer-songwriter showcases stylistic and emotional range in compelling cut.

Photo by Kadee McFarlane.

Saffron A faces the aftermath of personal trauma with the help of retro-pop hooks in her revealing new single Flashes — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Flashes is a song that describes what my life was like last summer,” the singer-songwriter explains. “I would see things around Toronto every day that triggered upsetting memories, and writing this song helped me cope. Someone had victimized me, and I was left to clean up the mess. Music has been a way for me to own my experiences and process complex feelings.”

She processes them in equally complex ways. Compelling and memorable, Flashes highlights Saffron A’s impressive stylistic and emotional range, delivering its serious lyrical punch with a sharp sarcastic edge by setting it in the realm of upbeat ’60s girl-group pop.

It’s the Brantford artist’s first single since the release of her spring EP Resilience, a disc that also showcased the breadth and depth of her influences, which run the gamut from divine poetry to the raw, honest songwriting and diversity of Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell and even Jack White.

A multi-instrumentalist who plays tenor guitar, octave mandolin and mandocello, Saffron A aims to create rich lyrical and music portraits that balance emotion and intellect and come laced with strokes of wit and authenticity. In the past year, she has showcased at Folk Music Ontario, and embarked across the border to the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance.

Check out Flashes above and below, click HERE to listen to it on your preferred service, and connect with Saffron A via her website, Instagram and Facebook.

Photo by Kadee McFarlane.