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Guided By Voices’ Sweating the Plague Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Yeah, so it's their third release of the year. Whaddaya wanna make of it?

Yeah, I know: The announcement of a new Guided By Voices album isn’t exactly stop-the-presses news. Especially when Sweating the Plague will be their third full-length of 2019. But here’s my counterargument: 1) I like Guided by Voices; 2) Their first two releases of the year — Zeppelin Over China and Warp and Woof — were both pretty satisfying, which bodes well; 3) The advance bumpf says this one will be a tight little 12-song set of anthemic rock, which should be a refreshing change of pace; 4) It’s my damn web site and I’ll write about whatever I want. Of course, GBV weren’t the only artist announcing some new tunes. Check out the rest of today’s list below — it includes a ton of Jeff Buckley reissues, another Noel Gallagher EP and plenty more — and don’t forget to head over to the Upcoming Releases page to peep the entire fall sked. For now, enjoy a preview of Sweating the Plague: The first single Heavy Like the World.

August 23

Jeff Buckley | Grace 25th Anniversary
Jeff Buckley | Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk Expanded
Jeff Buckley | Mystery White Boy Expanded
Jeff Buckley | Live at Wetlands, New York, NY 8/16/94
Jeff Buckley | Live From Seattle, WA, 5/7/95
Jeff Buckley | Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, 5/13/95
Jeff Buckley | Live at Columbia Records Radio Hour 1995
Juice | you are simply magnificent EP

August 30

Alchemist | Yacht Rock 2
Max Durante | Order & Chaos
Mica Levi | Monos Original Score
SiR | Chasing Summer
The SLP | The SLP

September 6

Casket Robbery | The Ascension Expanded Edition
Jom Comyn | Crawl
Guaxe | Guaxe
Knaaves | The Serpent’s Root
Moonchild | Little Ghost
Paraphex | What We Leave Behind EP

September 13

Balfa | Perfecta Analogia De La Decadencia
Nikola Bankov | Bright Future
Foxy | Can’t Stop Us EP
Foxy | X-Ray Spex Tribute
Rhys Fulber | Ostalgia
Men I Trust | Once Jazz
Trupa Trupa | Of the Sun

September 20

Joe Armon-Jones | Turn To Clear View
Hembree & the Satan Sisters | F.Y.F.
Lost Orb | Low Ebb’s Lament
Motionless in White | When Love Met Destruction Vinyl Reissue

September 27

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds | This Is The Place
Gong | Love From Planet Gong: The Virgin Years 1973-1975
War Cloud | State of Shock

October 4

Gatecreeper | Deserted
GospelbeacH | Let It Burn

October 11

Stephen Mallinder | Um Dada
Very Good | Adulthood

October 18

Battles | Juice B Crypts
Hovvdy | Heavy Lifter
The Muffs | No Holiday
Tunes of Negation | Reach the Endless Sea
Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Onwards To Zion

October 25

Guided by Voices | Sweating the Plague
Minimal Compact | Creation is Perfect