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Next Week in Music | July 15-21 • 130 New Releases Headed Your Way

All the music you'll be adding to your playlist next week. And then some.

Sure, it’s the middle of summer. But there are still more than 130 albums, EPs and singles being released next week. Mark your calendars and pre-order your favourites — but don’t blame me if things change at the last minute:


Iggy Azalea
In My Defense

It’s been five years since the Australian rapper released her debut album The New Classic. Even in hindsight, that title seems a bit presumptuous, though there’s no denying the album did make her a glogal superstar. Of course, it also sparked a massive backlash amid much talk of cultural appropriation. Since then, she’s had a series of career setbacks — cancelled tours, shelved albums, record-label changes. This week, we’ll finally see if any of it matters — or if she still does. Then again, who knows? Maybe she’ll pull the album at the last second and we’ll be right back where we started.

The Lion King: The Gift

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With The Lion King: The Gift album, Beyoncé curated a masterful recording, a robust soundscape bringing together some of her favorite artists with the most talented and important African artists of the day to both pay tribute to the iconic film and bring the authentic sounds of African music to the world. “This is sonic cinema,” said Beyoncé. “This is a new experience of storytelling. I wanted to do more than find a collection of songs that were inspired by the film. It is a mixture of genres and collaboration that isn’t one sound. It is influenced by everything from R&B, pop, hip hop and Afro Beat.” In planning and recording the album, the artists’ personal connection to the iconic film and its story was highly considered. “I wanted to put everyone on their own journey to link the storyline,” she continued. “Each song was written to reflect the film’s storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery, while listening to a new contemporary interpretation. It was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists but also produced by the best African producers. Authenticity and heart were important to me.”

Mike Love
12 Sides of Summer

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Mike continues to write and record music 57 years after his legendary career began. Mike’s new album, 12 Sides of Summer, celebrates a season treasured by so many around the world and will be a must-have on your Summer playlist. “12 Sides of Summer was such a fun album to create. I loved bringing a fresh vision to some of my favorite artists’ songs and Beach Boys’ classics, while pairing them with a few of my new original tracks. This is an album for the whole family to listen to as they celebrate the summer season and warmer days in the sun.”

Scott Stapp
The Space Between the Shadows

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Space Between the Shadows is powered by Stapp’s introspective lyrics and his pitch perfect delivery that has consistently brought anthems of gratitude and optimism to music’s darker side. “This album comes at a time where I have empathy, instead of anger, for what the ‘boy’ in the video went through. My heart will always ache for him but as a man who’s had successes, failures, four children, and a lot of support, I now identify with the boy in the last frame who sees infinite possibilities on the horizon and he finally trusts that he never really walks alone. The album cover is related to that concept – a boy journeys within and emerges a man with stories to tell and lessons to share.” I’ve already reviewed this one: Read it HERE.

Sum 41
Order in Decline

THE PRESS RELEASE: “During three years of relentless touring surrounding the band’s massive comeback record 13 Voices, frontman Deryck Whibley was feverishly putting together song ideas that would eventually become Order In Decline. Within three weeks of returning home, the majority of the music for the new album was written and then it was time for lyrics. Unconsciously, Whibley saw lyrics reflecting his reactions to seeing the pervasive division, racism and hate around the world, even more so punctuated by the repulsive social and political turmoil invading his own home nations of the United States and Canada. “The last thing I wanted to do was write a social or political protest record, and Order In Decline is not that,” Whibley clarifies. Instead, Order and Decline is a burst of uninhibited feeling, a page out of his journal, a window into his soul that reflects on extremely personal and vulnerable events, because as he confesses, “It’s also very hard not to have feelings about everything that’s going on in the world.” I’ve also reviewed this one: Read it HERE.


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Alessandro Alessandroni | Spontaneous Vinyl
Alien Jams | The Hollow Hum
All American Rejects | Send Her to Heaven EP
Antwood | Delphi
Paul Austerlitz | The Vodou Horn: Asakivle Meets Austerlitz
Iggy Azalea | In My Defense
Babybird | Photosynthesis
Baby Keem | Die For My Bitch
Baltra | Ted
Tony Banks | The Banks Vaults
Steven Battelle | Midnight Between Months
Lea Bertucci | Resonant Field
Beyonce | The Lion King: The Gift
The Bluetones | Science & Nature / The Singles Vinyl Reissues
Boatman’s Toll | The Fat Is In The Fire
Brocarde | Last Supper
Broken Field Runner | Lay My Head Down
Call Me Karizma | The Gloomy Tapes, Vol. 2
Bruno Capinan | Real
Sabrina Carpenter | Singular: Act II
Chuck Cleaver | Send Aid
Jacob Collier | Djesse Vol. 2
Judy Collins | The Elektra Albums, Volume One (1961-1968)
Mike Cooper | Rayon Hula 15th Anniversary Edition
Crown the Empire | Sudden Sky
Daphni | Sizzling EP
Davina And The Vagabonds | Sugar Drops
Day6 | The Book of Us: Gravity
The Dead Sound | Cut
Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic | A Brother
Alexandre Desplat | The Secret Life of Pets 2
Ecce Shnak | Metamorphejawns
Eden Warsaw | Calm the Coast
Dorian Electra | Flamboyant
Brian Eno | Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks Extended Edition
Falls of Rauros | Patterns in Mythology
Forest Drive West | Blue 05
The 40 Acre Mule | Goodnight & Good Luck
Jayda G | Significant Changes Remixes EP
Gates To The Morning | Return To Earth
Generationals | Reader As Detective
The Golden Filter | Autonomy
Steve Goodman | Affordable Art Expanded
Steve Goodman | Artistic Hair Expanded
Good Riddance | Thoughts & Prayers
Goon | Heaven is Humming
Todd Graham | Bustin’ Loose!
Grizfolk | Rarest Of Birds
Halshug | Drøm
Zac Harmon | Mississippi Bar BQ
Heron | Sun Release
The Holy Circle | Sick With Love
Horse Head | We Had Our Fun
Hunny | Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
IDER | Emotional Education
Jacquees | Round II
Jeromes Dream | Untitled
John Johanna | Seven Metal Mountains
Knife Party | Lost Souls EP
Maxo Kream | Brandon Banks
DJ Lag And OKZharp | Steam Rooms EP
Ada Lea | What We Say in Private
Sinon Legault Trio | Liminal Spaces
Yves Leveille | Phare
Grace Lightman | Silver Eater
Lingua Ignota | Caligula
Little Slugger | I Want to Live Here Forever
Live | Throwing Copper 25th Anniversary Edition
Kjersti Long | Stronger Than You Think I Am
Lost Sounds | Black Wave Vinyl Reissue
Mike Love | 12 Sides Of Summer
Mateis e. aqir | Chrome Upon Guayota
Merzbow | Crash for Hi-Fi Tapes
Message to Bears | Constants
Jeff Mills | Moon: The Area of Influence
Tony Molina | Songs From San Mateo County
Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition | The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over
My Own Will | Disgust
Nas | The Lost Tapes 2
Aaron Novik | The Fallow Curves of The Planospheres
Obey The Brave | Balance
Jesse Palter | Paper Trail
Panic | Rotten Church
Hugo R.A. Paris | Threaded Habitat
Plague of Carcosa | Ocean is More Ancient Than The Mountains
Plastic Picnic | Vistalite
Pollàri | Lil Jesus 2
Puffy L’z | Take No L’z
Joe Pug | The Flood Of Color
Pugilist | Blue 06
Qnete | Devils in the Dust
Re-Flex | The Politics of Dancing Expanded Edition
Freya Ridings | Freya Ridings
Patrice Rushen | Remind Me: The Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984
RXM Reality | Devil World Wide
Robotalco | Callisto
Sabaton | The Great War
Shakespears Sister | Singles Party (1988-2019)
Sleepwalkers | Ages
Sam Smith | How Do You Sleep?
Ryan Soanes | Hot Girls
Spod | Adult Fantasy
Scott Stapp | The Space Between the Shadows
Sub Dio | Sub Dio EP
Sum 41 | Order in Decline
James Taylor | The Warner Bros Albums 1970-1976
Through Fire | All Animal
Jenny Tolman | There Goes The Neighborhood
Tomb Mold | Planetary Clairvoyance
Tralala Blip | Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls
Tuxedo | Tuxedo III
Unknown Mobile | Daucile Moon
UV-TV | Happy
Valis Ablaze | Render
John Van Deusen | (I Am) Origami Pt. 3: A Catacomb Hymn
Various Artists | A short illness from which he never recovered
Various Artists | Be More Chill
Various Artists | Cadillac Baby’s Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection
Various Artists | Godspell London Cast Recording
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Music! 103
Ash Walker | Aquamarine
Grover Washington Jr. | Sacred Kind of Love: The Columbia Recordings
Saul Williams | Encrypted & Vulnerable
Willow | Willow
Wilmette | Anxious Body EP
Wormed | Metaportal
Wreck And Reference | Absolute Still Life
Yung Pinch | Back 2 The Beach
Yungsailormoon | G ♡ R E