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Indie Roundup | Five New Tracks to Start Your Week Right

Ease into your Monday with help from Keith Mosfet, Rime Salmi, ODC & more.

Keith Mosfet suffers for his art, Rime Salmi just says no, Union Duke are all la-di-dah and more in today’s Roundup. Welcome to Monday. Hope you make it to Friday unscathed.

1 Keith Mosfet is either a good sport, a glutton for punishment or some combination of the two. That’s the only conclusion one can draw from the abuse he put himself through to film the video for his latest track Superficial Hypocrite. But fear not: The hooky pop-rock cut requires no suffering on your part. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Don’t you ever feel like it’s all fake and disingenuous? We’re addicted to the serotonin boost we get from ‘likes,’ but it’s time to laugh it off. I wanted to write a song that would take the piss out of my generation and I. Naturally, I went for the jugular of our fake Instagram lifestyle. Putting a mirror to myself while also placing a mirror on the people surrounding me, Superficial Hypocrite is full of self-deprecating humour about the collective stupidity we’ve all fallen victim to.” Remember not to like it:

2 Canadian Afro-pop singer Rime Salmi teaches you how to say ‘No’ in Arabic in her catchy new single La2 — should that be something you need to know. And even if it isn’t, you’ll want to just say yes to her playful tune and glamour-shoot video. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:La2 stems from my desire to pursue my passion and break free from boundaries set by my conservative Arabic background, especially what is expected of me as a woman — ‘just settle down and pop babies!’ I’m choosing to pursue my goals. I’m choosing to say ‘yes’ to my own gut feeling. To my vision. My dreams. To the world I wanna create.” Yes, indeed:

3 Who says a jazz band can’t play dance music? George Clinton pondered that decades ago. These days, Toronto folksters Union Duke have a somewhat similar musical query: “Why can’t folk music be youthful and energetic while also being folk? Why can’t modern indie music contain great stories and tender lyrics?” Why, indeed? Perhaps the answer can be found in the video for their typographically challenging latest single Ladidadida — whose refrain turns out to be far less confusing that its title. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Ladidadida is the story of leaving behind what you love; the unbridled bliss of making it back in one piece, the desperate highs/lows in between. Ladidadida is a gateway for those unfamiliar to all that folk music has to offer. We want it to restore faith in those nostalgic for the past that the traditions of folk will live on in good hands.” That seems like a lot to ask, but here goes:

4 “Houston, we have a problem.” Everyone remembers that line from Apollo 13. But French alt-metalheads ODC seem to prefer Houston We Have a Situation, based on the title of their latest single. Maybe it’s a translation issue. Maybe they’re not really movie fans. Maybe they’re trying to break with tradition. Or maybe it’s just one of those ‘close enough for rock ’n’ roll’ things. In any case, you should have no problem rocking out to this track from their new EP. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Founded in 2017, the band consists of composer and lead guitarist Yannis, lead vocalist Celia, bassist Pierre-André, drummer Theo, guitarist Yann. Their music combines modern sounds, catchy tunes and a powerful voice with a ruthless efficiency: something between modern metal and classic rock.” Blast off:

5 This music stuff doesn’t have to be all symbolic and esoteric and vague. Just look at British pop singer-songwriter Samuel Jack. His nostalgically romantic new single is called Feels Like Summer. And it does, thanks to an animated beat, a catchy chorus and some strong horns to complement his smoky vocals. Simple as that. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “The single emits a summery and feel good vibe through its use of stomping percussion, anthemic melodies and bright brass.” Tis the season:

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