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Leon Redbone | 1980s Western Canadian Tour Poster

Here's a memento from the late, great singer-guitarist long and vibrant career.

I was sad to read that Leon Redbone passed away last week at age 69. It wasn’t a total shock; he had retired from performing a few years back, and I had heard rumours he had health issues. But it’s still a bummer not to have him around. I became a die-hard Leon fan the first time I saw him, way back on the first season of Saturday Night Live. The next weekend, I went out and bought his first album On the Track — and as a result, subjected myself to endless abuse from my friends who never appreciated the man or his music. I never had a chance (or a reason) to interview him, but way back in the ’80s, I talked to David Wilcox — the Canadian blues-rocker, not the American country guy — and he said he had known Redbone since they were kids in Toronto. He claimed that even as a child, Leon was an odd duck: Always dressed very formally, always listened to old music. Maybe he was being honest, or maybe he was just helping to perpetuate the myth. But whatever; I enjoyed it. Though I kind of lost touch with his music over the decades, I know I saw Leon at least once or twice, and used to own several of his albums. I think I even have a few live bootlegs around. Interestingly enough, I don’t think I saw him on this Western Canadian tour from the early ’80s. Not sure why. If you did, and you’d like to own this poster — or if you’re just a fan — email me. RIP Leon. UPDATE: This poster has been sold.