Introducing The Sonic Reducers’ 5-Minute Music Mix

World-class publicist Eric Alper and I kick off our new daily YouTube commentary.

This just in: World-class publicist Eric Alper and I have launched 5-Minute Music Mix, our daily commentary series over on the YouTubes. (I hear it’s getting kind of popular with the kids.) We just posted a wee introductory video to introduce and explain ourselves, work out some of the technical kinks, and let you get over the shock and revulsion of seeing my face and hearing my voice at the same time. (Sorry about that.) We’re gonna be doing these every weekday. I’ll be posting them here, but if you’re interested, feel free to head over to our Sonic Reducers YouTube Channel and subscribe. And cut us some slack on this first one. Things will get better. I promise. Meanwhile, here’s the official blurbage for the project:

Numbers don’t lie. Neither do the Sonic Reducers. Beloved publicist / broadcaster Eric Alper and misanthropic critic / Tinnitist honcho Darryl Sterdan are two lifelong music nerds with more than 50 years combined experience in and around the industry. They’ve been there, done that and lost the hearing to prove it. Now, the award-winning duo are putting their opinionated, trivia-logged noggins together to spend five minutes boiling down the top music stories of the day — every weekday afternoon on the Sonic Reducers YouTube Channel. Tune in and subscribe now. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss 300 seconds goodbye. No lie.