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Late-Night TV Music (Soft-Serve Edition) | Jan. 24, 2019

BSB, Young the Giant & Dermot Kennedy go gentle into that good night.

Man does not live by rock alone. Or at least some men don’t. Ditto some women, presumably. And for those people, Thursday’s late-night TV music lineup offered sweet, soft music to their sensitive ears. You had the return of pop vets Backstreet Boys, performing their mathematically romantic new single Chances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (and also showing up in chicken suits to cluck Backstreet’s Back, for some reason). You had Young the Giant delivering the soothing Superposition on Late Night With Seth Meyers. You had Irish troubadour Dermot Kennedy debuting his quietly intense Power Over Me on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. And if all that wasn’t enough to ease your troubled soul and send you off to dreamland, you probably need some pharmaceutical-grade tranquilizers. Nighty-night.




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