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How To Make People Like You | Mac & Cheese EP Tease: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto trio preview their upcoming disc — and share a killer recipe.

How To Make People Like You are previewing their EP — and teaching you how to make some killer Mac and Cheese — exclusively on Tinnitist.

The Toronto indie-pop outfit wanted to do something different to introduce their upcoming self-titled EP. So they’re teaching you the best way to make people like you this holiday season: By making your friends and family this amazing Mac and Cheese course created by percussionist Cindy Goh. While she shows off her culinary skills, the band previews all four tracks from their disc.

The EP showcases dazzling, quirky indie-pop ignited by songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Luchuck’s ear-wormy compositions and Norm Authier’s bluesy lead vocals. Fans of Arcade Fire, San Fermin and… um… ELO will find much to love.

“We love putting things together that shouldn’t work but do,” declares Luchuck, referring to his trio’s novel use of garbage cans, cellos, “prepared” piano, trombone and synth bass. Goh takes a similar approach to her Mac and Cheese, which calls for garlic bread, bacon, shrimp, shallots and Alfredo sauce in addition to the usual pasta, cheese, milk and butter.

So whatever you celebrate this year, don’t waste your money on useless clutter: Amaze your loved ones with some food they’ll love — and love you for — while you get ready for the launch of How To Make People Like You‘s EP on Feb. 3, 2019.

Check out How To Make People Like You‘s Mac & Cheese EP Tease above, and reacquaint yourself below with the video for their riotous first single Apocalyptic Zombies — which premiered exclusively on Tinnitist back in September.