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Indie Roundup (CanCon Edition): Four Videos to Watch Right Now

F—ed up, Daniel Romano, Seas & Basement Revolver show off their latest clip jobs.

Every day I get press releases from indie bands and labels with new songs, albums and videos to hype. Here’s the latest batch, which all just happen to be from this side of the border:

• Punk gods F—ed Up put the pedal to the metal — or in their case, the noisy hardcore — on Accelerate, the latest video from their Oct. 5 release Dose Your Dreams. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “As the lyrical centerpiece of the album, it storms in like Boredoms on a bullet train and dissolves into a digital nightmare. Our hero David finds himself exhausted and at his weakest point, and opts to render himself a bomb ready to explode due to the constant charging and prodding of the consumer lifestyle. Before David does this, he plunges to the depths of his existence one last time… ” Light the fuse above.

• Prolific and eclectic singer-songwriter Daniel Romano goes it alone in the video for his hypnotic new song Empty Husk, taken from the upcoming disc Finally Free. Due Nov. 30, Romano’s eighth album in as many years was made on a four-Track Tascam cassette recorder. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Empty Husk and the entirety of Finally Free is a lucid plea. It is a final apology and an attempt at the unwarranted reconciliation between us and everything in our path (including ourselves). These are my most proud prose and this is my most accomplished and honest musical output. It is dense and challenging and sometimes very difficult. Thank you.” Um, you’re welcome. Don’t thank whoever gave you that scarf, though:


• Post-punk quintet Seas — featuring three former members of Moneen — make a big noise in the video for Without a Sound, a preview of their Nov. 9 sophomore album Cursed. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “The album title refers to my year of 2015, which was just one shitty thing after another,” says singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter Chris Hughes, not mincing words. In addition to being bedridden for three months while recovering from a serious accident, it was a year plagued with hardships, hospitalizations, and general dejection. But instead of succumbing to despair, he found his catharsis through creativity, and the resulting 9-song collection is incredibly impactful because of it.” Dive in:

• Hamilton shoegazers Basement Revolver head for the great outdoors in the video for Baby, from their recent album Heavy Eyes. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Weaving melancholia with fuzzy dreamy pop melodies and a heavy guitar undercurrent, lead singer Chrisy Hurn shares intimate stories and personal wounds from her past, revealing a deeply affecting and rewarding insight. The video follows Chrisy on a journey and with visibly expressive and emotive delivery.”

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