Mikalyn Feels Like She’s Falling Apart

The singer-songwriter offers an ode to anyone going to pieces after a breakup.

Mikalyn tries to keep it together on her new single and lyric video Falling Apart — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

After jumping onto the music scene at only age 14, dark alt-pop princess Mikalyn has shown no signs of slowing down into adulthood, having already released a slew of singles over the years, including Blame, Ready To Love You and Phases. Now, the 22 year old is back with Falling Apart, featuring the languid vibe moody vocals that she excels at and has become her signature. It’s in this track that you can really hear the influences of many of Mikalyn’s music idols, including Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

Falling Apart is about how you feel after a breakup,” Mikalyn explains. “You’re reflecting on the relationship and admitting how much you’re hurting. It’s about feeling despair and defending yourself from people telling you to simply get over it. It’s about not apologizing for your emotions and inner conflict, because you’re angry but you’re also sad/defeated at the same time. It’s a song about the space and time between breakup and acceptance.”

The Canadian singer is certainly no stranger to these angsty themes in her songs, often touching expertly upon the haunting feelings that come with falling in (and out) of love. But that’s not all — Mikalyn is also gearing up to release a new EP, Things I Never Said, in August. The EP will mark a move away from the EDM genre that Mikalyn has been playing in recently, striving for a more cohesive project that sticks to a single unifying sound.

“As much as I appreciate my time in the EDM sphere and will continue to do EDM, I don’t feel like it’s me anymore,” she says. “This EP will be the first project I put out where all the songs are cohesive, they work together musically.”

This EP will also reunite her producer / writer Murray Daigle and writer Bobby John, who have been working with the Guelph native since she first started making music in her teens. “I like how Murray treats my vocals, and Bobby is an amazing co-writer.” She continues, “We wrote for three days and did two songs a day. The main thing I wanted was to make sure the songs were synth-driven with lots of harmonies. I wasn’t as concerned with following traditional structures lyrically, but more wanted to focus on the sound. I sat with the demos and decided that I liked them all enough to fully produce. I recorded all the vocals for the EP at Phase One Studios in Toronto and got Murray to mix and master them.”

Watch the lyric video for Falling Apart above, check out more music from Mikalyn below, and fall for her on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.