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Bug Seance Demand Your Attention: ‘I’m Right Here’

The Portland emo shoegazers hypnotize you with the dreamy heaviness of their EP.

Bug Seance are better than all right on their insistent and invigorating new EP I’m Right Here — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Professionally recorded in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, and layered with twinkly synth lines, reverberating vocals, and distorted guitar riffs, the emo/shoegaze quintet’s new EP is their best work yet. The six tracks aim to entrance the listener in varying levels of diverse soundscapes, from guttural screams to delicate vocal melodies. All of these layers speak to the band’s authenticity and, above all, their refusal to conform to one single genre.

The music of Bug Seance delivers a new sound — one that feels visceral, packed with emotion, simultaneously heavy and dreamy. In their lyrics, Bug Seance explore a full spectrum of themes, from the fully serious to the delightfully lighthearted.

Photo by Adam Kocka.

With a kind of honesty that could only come from their own experiences as DIY musicians and overall constant creators, the Bugs explore loneliness, mental health troubles, friendship, and love.

Bug Seance includes singer-keyboardist Maria Dehart, bassist Javier Vasquez, guitarists Pete Benson and Sean Cooper, and drummer Xochitl Vilorio. In their five years together, Bug Seance have evolved to become a thoughtfully crafted blend of emo, post-rock and shoegaze. In 2022, they had the opportunity to play with Philly emo legends Algernon Cadwallader on their West Coast reunion tour. Bug Seance have also played alongside acts such as Glacier Veins, Glitterer, Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday, MAITA and Soft Kill. Since 2021 the Bugs have also embarked on two California tours, a handful of short runs in Washington state, and a week-long east coast tour.

Check out I’m Right Here below and follow Bug Seance on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


Photo by Adam Kocka.