The Space Between Have Grown Crooked & Hollow

The Ottawa rockers grapple with personal demons on their blistering new release.

The Space Between feel twisted and empty on their blazing new single Crooked & Hollow — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Ottawa hard rockers’ latest release delves into the introspective journey of lead vocalist and lyricist Maryn Pegan, exploring themes of self-perception and grappling with personal demons. “The title Crooked & Hollow sparked images of looking into a mirror and not recognizing oneself,” says Pegan.

This song serves as a cathartic outlet for angst and anger, fueled by Pegan’s personal battles with self-confidence, a struggle that resonates with many young people. “I wanted the chorus to just explode with desperate exclamations using the word I — using I in conjunction with negative words, such as can’t and don’t,” Pegan reflects. “It really was quite a powerful thing for me in the end, as all of those negative feelings feel much smaller when you can use them to create a work like this that you’re proud of.”

Photo by Laura Collins.

During an informal jam session, guitarist James Shaheen and drummer Tom Sergi established the instrumental foundation, showcasing the band’s spontaneous creativity. “I don’t even think we were trying to write at the time when we came up with this tune,” Shaheen recalls. “Sometimes Tom and I will just jam for a few minutes when the rest of the band is getting set up, and this song just came out of one of those practice jams. I played that opening riff and Tom just jumped in.”

The track draws from a diverse range of musical influences, paying tribute to rock icons like Queen Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Dream Theater’s drummer, backing vocalist and co-founder Mike Portnoy. Sergi’s drum intro echoes Portnoy’s unique fills, setting a commanding tone for the piece. Additionally, the song honours Sergi’s favourite parts from Avenged Sevenfold’s Jimmy (The Rev) Sullivan work on Unholy Confessions.

Check out Crooked & Hollow above, hear more from The Space Between below, and catch up with them on their website, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.


Photo by Laura Collins.