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Halie Loren Shares Dreams Lost And Found

The Oregon jazz artist explores themes of longing, seeking, & seeing with new eyes.

Halie Loren jazzes up some sweet Dreams Lost And Found on her new album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The award-winning Oregon singer-songwriter’s new full-length explores themes of longing, seeking, and seeing with new eyes — the falling away of old illusions and outgrown desires, finding new visions for love and life, allowing some dreams to die to make space for new dreams to be born. The album captures the live essence of her music, that has led to tours and performances for audiences worldwide. The 14-song effort sees Halie lend her take on standards, originals and her personal favorites.

“This album marks my return to a more jazz-oriented musical sound, but forged in a completely new environment of creativity (quite literally, in that I traveled to Montreal to record for the first time) that brought my improvisational spirit to the forefront — in no small part inspired by collaborating with masterful musicians Taurey Butler on piano, Morgan Moore on bass, Sam Kirmayer on guitar, and Jim Doxas on drums,” she says. “Though I have performed for years with most of these amazingly talented people, we’ve never before recorded together… to me, it was like we were dancing on the edge of the unknown when creating these songs. It felt very alive in the moment, and I think that comes through the music.”

Photo by Bob Williams.

Loren brings a fresh and original perspective to time-honoured musical paths, channeling her innate understanding of connectedness across musical boundaries to forge bonds with diverse audiences in North America, Asia, and Europe. Her multi-genre and multi-lingual musical blend across her 10 albums has earned several national and international awards in multiple genres as well as significant critical and chart success along the way, with her albums consistently reaching No. 1 on jazz charts.

A songwriter since her early teens, Halie began garnering international acclaim as a recording artist when her debut jazz album They Oughta Write A Song was named the Best Vocal Jazz Album at the 2009 JPF Independent Music Awards. Subsequent accolades include an Independent Music Award for her original song Thirsty in 2011, and a 2012 Best Vocal Jazz Album award in Japan’s Jazz Critique Magazine for Heart First. Her video for Noah, the second single from her 2018 release From the Wild Sky, won an Emmy in 2019 for Best Music Video as presented by The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter.

Along with recording and songwriting successes, Halie’s performances have taken her around the world multiple times, with performances on four continents thus far, including tours across the U.S., Canada, France, the U.K., Japan, Italy, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt, and Haiti. Her concerts range from intimate clubs to grand halls to festivals, from solo to classic jazz trio to lush orchestral collaborations.

Enjoy Dreams Lost And Found below and keep up with Halie Loren on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Photo by Bob Williams.