Izzy Raye Gets Lukey To Give Her Favorite Girl A Makeover

New Remix, New Energy: Dynamic Artist Brings Fresh Perspective To Hit Track.

Izzy Raye puts a new spin on her euphoric indie pop song Favorite Girl with the help of a new remix by Lukey — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Penned by Raye and Noel Lucas Geniza, Favorite Girl captured the hearts of fans with its infectious melodies and poignant lyrics. Now, with Lukey’s unique touch, the remix takes the piece to new heights, taking listeners on an exhilarating sonic adventure.

Favorite Girl is Raye’s ode to her alter ego, encapsulating her unstoppable drive and persistence for success. Through this persona, she adeptly channels her frustrations with the music industry, transforming them into a potent blend of empowerment and a touch of intimidation. Lukey brings a new dance-pop-infused lofi R&B perspective to the track, with charismatic beats and inventive instrumentation that breathe new life into Raye’s signature sound.

“This remix means so much to me! I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to jump on this track, and Lukey’s musicality and flow melt perfectly into this beat,” Raye says. “He’s an artist that I really respect and admire, and we’ve been supporters of each other’s music for a while now. It’s definitely a full circle moment for me.” Mastered by Izzy Perri, the new edition promises to deliver the same high-quality sound that fans expect from Raye. With her powerful vocals and Lukey’s charming intonation, Favorite Girl takes on a dynamic new form that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Raye, born in New Jersey, is a lifelong artist with a background in singing, songwriting, and acting. Her love of performance stems from her experience writing songs and acting in shows at her local community theater, which started when she was just 10 years old. Following her college graduation, she released two singles after honing in on her songwriting skills years prior. Now based in New York City, she has headlined shows and received praise from notable publications. Raye seamlessly combines elements of several genres, including pop and electronic, to create music that instantly improves your mood and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Check out Favorite Girl (ft. Lukey) above, hear more from Izzy Raye below, and do yourself a favour by visiting her website, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.