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Next Week in Music | April 8-14 • The Long List: 340+ Releases On The Way

All the music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

When you get as many press releases as I do, you start to notice shit. Like the way certain phrases suddenly pop up everywhere. A few years ago, every release was hyped as “the song / video / album we didn’t know we needed.” Sheesh. But that’s practically subtle next to the new one making the rounds: “It’s not just a song, it’s a (put ridiculous superlative here).” No. It’s just a song. It’s not a revolution, a revelation, an evolution or any other damn thing. Likewise, the 340-plus LPs, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week are not redefining the laws of time, space and dimension. They are unlikely to alter the course of history. And they probably won’t change your life. But maybe, just maybe, they’ll be the album you didn’t know you needed.



About Us | Take A Piece
The Acid Machine | Mushrooms
Acid Tongue | Acid On The Dancefloor
Aerial Salad | R.O.I.
Airospace | Imagine Thinking You Know Everything But Know Absolutely Nothing
Alcatrazz | Rock Justice: Complete Recordings 1983-1986
And Hell Followed With | Untoward Perpetuity
Nia Archives | Silence Is Loud
Artms | Flower Rhythm
Asc | Reflections
Ashywuff! | Soulkiller
Astral Fortress | Spawn of The Stars
Ateez | Not Okay
Aural Imbalance | Infinity Spectrum
Autoflag & Adventsong | Crash Brackets
Avalanche Kaito | Talitakum
Awen Ensemble | Cadair Idris
Baby Blue | Of My Window
Baby Bugs | My Pastor Single
Baby Jane | Otherworld
Baby Rose & BadBadNotGood | Slow Burn EP
Bad Bad Hats | Bad Bad Hats
The Ballroom Thieves | Sundust
The Band Silhouette | Seedlings
Kris Barras Band | Halo Effect
Bela | Noise And Cries
Belmont | Liminal
Bend Sinister | Mostly Great Things
Benighted | Ekbom
Mike Benoit & The Creeping Man | A Chilling Tale Of Caution
Between Friends | Garage Sale
Beyoncé | Cowboy Carter Vinyl
Bilby | Heavy Fines, Loss of Licence
Diane Birch | Flying On Abraham
Birdfeeder | Woodstock
Jade Bird | Burn The Hard Drive EP
Björk | Oral (Olof Dreijer Remix)
The Blackburns | The Blackburns
Black Like Oil | Past Perfect Continues Instrumentals
Blesse | Problèmes
Blue Bendy | So Medieval
Blue Öyster Cult | Ghost Stories
Blunt Chunks | The Butterfly Myth
Bodega | Our Brand Could Be Yr Life
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard | Skinwalker
Byland | Heavy For A While
Call Me Spinster | Potholes
Obed Calvaire | 150 Million Gold Francs
Ken Carson | Overseas
Cash | Heal Process
Castle Rat | Into The Realm
Chxrlie | WYW! (What You Want)
Chompo | Chompo II
M.Chuzi | Yiri Boom!
Madeleine Cocolas | Bodies
Clarissa Connelly | World Of Work
The Cosmic Dead | Infinite Peaks
Crucifier | Led Astray
Cruush | Nice Things Now, All The Time EP
The Cryin’ Shames | Friendly Persuasion: Please Stay
Nicolas Cueille | Curiositi
Currls | Let’s Talk About The Weather
Dabuell | Analog Love
Dandroid | Project Neon Remastered
Datashader | Digital Entropy
Daughter | Live At Middle Farm Studios
D4v1 | Celebrity
Davi Music | On By
Rhodri Davies | Telyn Wrachïod
Caroline Davis & Wendy Eisenberg | Accept When
Francesco De Gregori | Pastiche
Maeve De Voe | Sassy Girl Single
Dirt Devil | Desert Moon
Distorted Vortex | Midnight Channel
Distorted Vortex | Rot
DKZ | Reboot
Dog Date | Zinger
Delphine Dora | Hymness Apophatiques Reissue
Dave Douglas | Gifts
Donato Dozzy & Tin Man | Acid Test 09​.​1
Dram | Dram&B
Duda Beat | Na Tua Cabeça
Duda Beat | Tara & Tal
Eagles | To The Limit: The Essential Collection
3D3N | Better Me
Perrie Edwards | Forget About Us
Eidola | Eviscerate
James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg | All Gist
Elk Witch | Azimuth
Elliott BROOD | Country
Daniel Elms | Collected Works 2018​-​22
Emerson, Lake & Powell | The Complete Collection
English Teacher | This Could Be Texas
Epex | Youth Chapter 1: Youth Days
Eulipion Corps | Megaliths & the Tides
Exist | Hijacking The Zeitgeist
Experts | The Eclipse Gateway
Facs | North America Endless
Famous Dex | I’m Not Perfect I’m Just Honest
The Feeling | San Vito
Focus Group | Australian Drama
Fontanarosa | Take A Look At The Sea
Fossilization | Leprous Daylight Vinyl
Four Tet | Three Vinyl
Vince Freeman | Scars, Ghosts & Glory
Fujiiiiiiiiiiita | Mmm
Future & Metro Boomin | We Still Don’t Trust You
Kenny Garrett and Svoy | Who Killed AI?
Garti | The Bouncy House From Hell With A Bomb In It
Sophie Gault | Baltic Street Hotel
Ghost Trees | Intercept Method
Girl In Red | I’m Doing It Again Baby!
Glad | A New Tomorrow: The Glad And New Breed Recordings
Alec Goldfarb | Fire Lapping at the Creek
GospelbeacH | Wiggle Your Fingers
Dave Graney & Clare Moore | (strangely​)​(​emotional)
Graufar | Scordalus
Riley Green | Way Out Here
Greyhaven | Stereo Grief EP
Gun | Hombres
Gustavoegatotv | Fora Do Normal
Noah Haidu | Standards II
The Half-Cubes | The Girl
Kana Hanazawa | Memoirs And Fingertips
Gabbie Hanna | Everlasting Love
Bill Harris | Macrodose
Dylan Harrison | Got Me Tonight Single
Hawkestrel | Chaos Rocks
Heavenly Blue | We Have The Answer
Heavy Temple | Garden of Heathens
Hemlock | Amen!
Heresiarch | Edifice
Elsa Hewitt | Chaos Emeralds
Will Hoge | Tenderhearted Boys
Hour | Ease the Work
Tyler Hubbard | Strong
Huir | Triumphal Arch Lovers
Humbird | Right On
Hypersonic | Kaosmogonia
Imminence | The Black
Indigo Girls & Various Artists | Glitter & Doom Soundtrack Vinyl
Iskwē | Nīna
Jaded Truth | Sweet EP
Jakobs Castle | Enter: The Castle
James | Yummy
Janelane | Love Letters
Asha Jefferies | Ego Ride
Tom Jenkins | Meadow Part 2
Sarah Jerrom | Magpie
Jont | Old Traveller
Kaminski | Voxels
Kasabian | Coming Back To Me Good
Bridget Kearney | Comeback Kid
Tori Kelly | Spruce
Kharma | A World Of Our Own
Khüll | Where Shadows Rise
Kinbote | Hemisphere
Elizabeth King | Soul Provider
King Zebra | Between The Shadows
Mark Knopfler | One Deep River
Known Demise | Sick And Cold And Blue
Kōya | Fragments 12
Lapsed Pacifist | Hypatia
Låpsley | Angeles / Build a Man
Matt Lavelle & The 12 Houses | The Crop Circles Suite Part One
Letters Sent Home | Forever Undone
Lil Frakk | Innen A Név
Linkin Park | Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023)
Dua Lipa | Illusion
Loopcinema | Cinemanights
Halie Loren | Dreams Lost & Found
Ryan Lott | The Greatest Hits Score
Lovebugs | OverLoved
Love Sex Machine | Trve
Low End Activist | Airdrop
Lynks | Abomination
Cristian Măcelaru / Orchestre National de France | George Enescu: Symphonies 1-3, Romanian Rhapsodies 1 & 2
Make Sure | June
Malneezy | Watching Raw Footage (ft. August, Yours Truly)
Manic Eden | Manic Eden 30th Anniversary Edition
Manic Street Preachers | Lifeblood 20th Anniversary Edition
Masonic Wave | Masonic Wave
Mawzy | Long View
Leyla McCalla | Sun Without the Heat
Parker McCord | Long Night (ft. Lucy Loone) Single
John McEuen | Newman: A Man of Record
Mark Takeshi McGregor | André Cormier: Tous Facteurs Étant Égaux
Max McNown | Wandering
Kira McSpice | The Compartmentalization of Decay
Melonball | eup​•​nea
Melts | Field Theory
Alice Merton | Heron EP
Metz | Up On Gravity Hill
Chantal Michelle | ℎ− 2− ℎ− − 2 ℎ−
Alex Miller | My Daddy’s Dad
Minor Moon | The Light Up Waltz
Misner & Smith | All Is Song
Moon’s Voyager | Surrender EP
Pascal Morais | 3 Steps Ahead
Joyce Moreno | Passarinho Urbano
Mother of All | Global Parasitic Leviathan
Bob Mover & Walter Davis Jr. | The Salerno Concert
Mr. Bill | Mechanomorphic
Nchive | Drive
Meshell Ndegeocello | Red Hot & Ra: The Magic City
Necrot | Lifeless Birth
Nest | Endeavors
Nicolette & The Nobodies | The Long Way
Willie Nile | Live At Daryl’s House Club
9T Antiope | Horror Vacui
Nookie Presents Binary State | InterFEARence
Nor Belgraad | Nor Belgraad Deluxe Version
Northlane | Mirror’s Edge EP
Odist | Cascading Memories
Onf | Beautiful Shadow
The Ophelias | Ribbon EP
Palerrmo | Humildad y Respeto
Danna Paola | Childstar
Die Partei | Celaviemachinery
Peki | Fortuna
Peter Peter | Éther
Philip Philips | You Would Not Be Happy If You Saw Me In The Streets Boy
Pinkcourtesyphone | Arise in Sinking Feelings
PlanBe | Baby Boy
PlanBe | Blue Moon
Popstar | Obscene
Praktika | Balani Factory
Purple Decades | Kumo
Sissi Rada | Aporia
Rain Recordings | Terns in Idle
The Read Pears | Better Late Than Never
Real Losers | Good Clean Fun
Re:Drum | The King Is Back
The Reds, Pinks & Purples | Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit
Replicant | Infinite Mortality
ReuterRossi | Fragmented Mass Compliance
Reverend Baron | Some Demos
Jess Ribeiro | Summer of Love
Ricepr22ce | Dinner
Riot V | Mean Streets
Fred Roberts | Sound Of My Youth
Maggie Rogers | Don’t Forget Me
Babe Rollins | Honest Cowboy
Roy of the Ravers | You Don’t
Carlos Sadness | Realismo Mágico
Sarcasm | Mourninghoul
Samad Savage | The Internet Is A Terrible Place
Scenic Route To Alaska | Lasts Forever
Scrimshire | Pep Talks Single
S333xy | Painted Concert
Seagoth | How To Stay Wide Awake
Selofan | Animal Mentality
Setyoursails | Bad Blood
Shabaka | Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace
Cosmo Sheldrake | Eye To The Ear
Patrick Shiroishi | A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest Single
Martin Simpson | Skydancers
Siøbhan | Back To July
Sisso & Maiko | Singeli Ya Maajabu
Sleepmakeswaves | It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It
Sleepnet | II
Soft Kill | Escape Forever
Something Weird | Hey Folks! It’s Intermission Time!
Sonniku | Whirlwind Of Malevolence
Guido Spannocchi | Live at London Jazz Festival 2022
Spartan Jet-Plex | Mx. High
Spells | Past Our Prime
Spork_ | The Deification
St. Lucia | Love You Better
Louisa Stancioff | When We Were Looking
JM Stevens | Nowhere To Land
Still House Plants | If I Don’t Make It, I Love U
Summers Sons | Still Nothing Still
Sunburned Hand of The Man | Nimbus
Supercaan | A Tiger Walks the Streets
Surf | Chad Single
Surrender | Surrender Instrumentals
Sam Tabasi | After The Rave Rush
Tarot | Glimpse Of The Dawn
Aaron Lee Tasjan | Stellar Evolution
Teiku | Teiku
Temporal Waves | Temporal Waves
Terrance T | Power
Texas & Spooner Oldham | The Muscle Shoals Sessions Vinyl
Thalia’s Grace | Running Out Of Ways
These Immortal Souls | Extra Remastered
These Immortal Souls | Get Lost (Don’t Lie!) Remastered
These Immortal Souls | I​’​m Never Gonna Die Again Remastered
Thought Beings | Aphrodite
Throwing Bricks & Ontaard | Oud Zeer
Johnny Thunders | Cosa Nostra: Live At The Mudd Club, Gothenburg 1983
Tiflis Transit | A Thought Is Not A Feeling
Tini | Un Mechón De Pelo
Tipps & Obermiller | MacGuffin
Tokidoki | Run That Back
To Kill A Monster | The Sharpie on the Wall EP
Torn Boys | 1983 Reissue
The Toy Dolls | The Singles
Joey Trap | The Grand Wizard
Trifecta | The New Normal
Trummors | 5
Tusks | Gold
Bonnie Tyler | Let’s Go Crazy Tonight (Live in Berlin)
Týr | Battle Badlands
UF | Unknown EP
Ulla & Ultrafog | It Means A Lot
Ultra Sunn | US
Upploppet | Road Runner
Use Knife | Peace Carnival EP
Hikaru Utada | Science Fiction
UTO | When All You Want To Do Is Be The Fire Part Of Fire
Billy Valentine & The Universal Truth | Lady Day & John Coltrane Vinyl
Various Artists | Leather Jackets And Diesel Smoke: Chili Dippin’ In Red Tiger Shoes, Gems And Oddities
Various Artists | The Greatest Hits Soundtrack
Various Artists | In Order To Dance 4​.​0
Various Artists | My Black Country: The Songs of Alice Randall
Various Artists | Soft Summer Breezes LP
Various Artists | Tri​á​ngulos De Luz Y Espacios De Sombra
Various Artists | W3ng
Vibrations Of The Sun | Am I Fading Fast Or Flashing Like Lightning?
Virgins | Nothing Hurt And Everything Was Beautiful
The Vision Bleak | Weird Tales
Pabllo Vittar | Batidão Tropical Vol. 2
ViV | Bomb
Vulture | Sentinels
Franek Warzywa | Komputer EP
Water Damage | In E
Cory Weeds Meets Champian Fulton | Every Now & Then: Live At OCL Studios
Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties | In Lieu Of Flowers
Whails | I
White Willow | Ex Tenebris Remaster
Whores | War
Wildstreet | Heroes
W!ndgap | Wretched
Amy Winehouse & Various Artists | Back To Black Soundtrack
Woo!ah! | Blush
Work Wife | Waste Management
World’s First Cinema | Palm Reader Silver Screen Edition EP
Lizz Wright | Shadow
Y8trash | Sand
Your Academy | #2 Record
Yung Slayer | This Album Will Make Paul Go Through The 5 Stages Of Grief