About You Bids Farewell To Ghosts

The Texas singer-songwriter shares a haunting new single from his most recent EP.

About You pleads for you to stay and say Farewell To Ghosts on his new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The title track from his latest EP, Farewell To Ghosts is an exploration of societal marginalization and the search for belonging within the homeless community. The song dives into the unexpected places where unhoused individuals find solace and community. With heartfelt lyrics and emotive instrumentation, About You invites listeners to reflect on themes of resilience and authenticity, embodying a raw emotional depth that resonates profoundly with listeners.

About You writes music about the listener. The indie rock/alternative artist draws inspiration from the stories of friends, fans, and strangers alike, weaving these narratives into songs that resonate deeply with audiences, making each listener feel seen and understood. “I wanted to provide a countermovement based on supporting our collective community, explains Max Poscente, the creative force behind About You. “I wanted to take people’s stories and turn them into songs.”

Armed with a collection of old guitars, 808s, and a deep passion for music, About You is carving out a unique musical path to bring these stories to life. The forthcoming debut album, crafted from years of collecting and adapting these tales, promises to be a compelling exploration of human experiences and emotions. Poscente gives a voice to the voiceless while speaking on tougher topics such as suicide, homelessness, climate change, and more.

About You’s journey has seen them tour extensively across the United States, captivating audiences and selling out shows in major cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York. Their live performances have also graced prestigious festivals, including three appearances at SXSW and five at Mile of Music. Additionally, they’ve had the honor of opening for acclaimed musician Shakey Graves. With over 1 million streams across various platforms, About You’s music has resonated with audiences far and wide, earning them a dedicated and growing fanbase.

Poscente hails from Dallas, with musical influences as diverse as they are influential. The Beatles hold a special place in his heart, influencing him on every level of his musical voyage. He admires Leonard Cohen for his poignant lyricism, David Bowie for his iconic, visual brand, and innovative music, and Jack White for his ability to repurpose old and new sounds. Radiohead‘s commitment to musical innovation and boundary pushing, as well as Bon Iver’s groundbreaking use of electronics and folk elements, have also left a profound impact on Poscente’s musical style and approach.

With an unwavering dedication to storytelling and musical authenticity, About You is poised to continue sharing its message with the world through the release of new music and forging connections through its evocative soundscapes.

Watch him play Farewell To Ghosts above, listen to the EP below, and find out more about About You on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.