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Next Week in Music | Feb. 19-25 • The Long List: Nearly 400 Releases On The Way

Get busy perusin’ or get busy … doin’ something else, I guess.

Today in beginnings: Yoko Ono was born (screaming, one assumes) in 1933, Dr. Dre arrived to kick in the bass in 1965 — on the same day that The Beatles recorded You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away and Tell Me What You See — and The Beach Boys started recording Good Vibrations in 1966. Today in endings: Freddie Mercury made his final public appearance at the Brit Awards in 1990, Bob Stinson of The Replacements fatally overdosed in 1995, Prince Markie Dee of The Fat Boys died in 2021. Today in last but not least: Here are the 400 or so new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. Get busy perusin’ or get busy … doin’ something else, I guess. No pressure, you know?



Aandrq | Emergence Single
Ari Abdul | DFHMPU
A Burial At Sea | Close To Home
A.C.E. | My Girl: My Choice
Acloudyskye | There Must Be Something Here
Africatown, AL | Ancestor Sounds
Age Factory | Songs
Air-Con Boom boom Onesan | Air-Con Boom Boom Onesan Republic
Thee Alcoholics | Feedback
Aili | Nandakke?
Allie X | Girl with No Face
Alvidrez | Antiphon
Amaranthe | The Catalyst
Amigo The Devil | Yours Until The War Is Over
Ruissalo Amping | Ruusupuutarha
Angelus | Exulansis
Ängie | Crocodile Tears
Années 30 | Pendule
Anubis | Dark Paradise
Susie Arioli | Embraceable
Arkta | From Where the City Lights Burn
Daymé Arocena | Al​-​Kemi
Crystal Ash | Crystal Ash² & The Diamond Castle
Atoll | Inhuman Implants
Austrian Death Machine | Quad Brutal
Autumnblaze | Auf Zerfetzten Schwingen
Axolotl | Artezska
Aya | Lip Flip
Bad Brains | Omega Sessions Reissue
Nerves Baddington | Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye
Liam Bailey | Zero Grace
Baks | Dopamin 2
Bardo Pond | Volume 9
Basic Rhythm | The Glass Mountain
Bastion Rose | Fade To Blue
Blaze Bayley | Circle of Stone
Jazmin Bean | Traumatic Livelihood
Becko | Rage
Olivia Belli | Intermundia
Blacklite District | I Try Today
Tim Blake | Crystal Presence
Blood Opera | Songs In The Key Of Death
Blood, Sweat & Tears | Brand New Day
Bobbi | Bruised Single
The Body & Dis Fig | Orchards of a Futile Heaven
Bombay Bicycle Club & Friends | Fantasies EP
Bondax | Journey Kareem Ali Remix
Borknagar | Fall
Aziza Brahim | Mawja
John Bramwell | The Light Fantastic
William Britelle | Alive In The Electric Snow Dream
Moon Byul | Starlit of Muse
Glen Campbell | I Am a Lineman For the County: Glen Campbell Sings Jimmy Webb
Can | Live In Paris 1973
Mariah Carey | Music Box 30th Anniversary Edition
Maddison Carter | Polymorphic
Cavetown | Little Vice EP
Cheer-Accident | Vacate
The Children’s Hour | Going Home
Lou Christie | Gypsy Bells: Columbia Recordings 1967
The Chronicles of Father Robin | The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book III
Church Chords | Elvis, He Was Schlager
Church Of Trees | Transience
Matt Citron | Sequence Single
Climie Fisher | Coming In For The Kill
Coley Park | Devil Tree
Colosseum | Elegy: The Recordings 1968-1971
Colouring | Love To You, Mate
Coltre | To Watch With Hands​.​.​. To Touch With Eyes
Crackazat | Moth Boss / Galaxy Single
Craneium | Point of No Return
Vincent Crowley | Anthology of Horror
Crying Steel | Live And Thunder
The Cult | Dreamtime Reissue
Cuntroaches | Cuntroaches
Curve | Unreadable Communications: Anxious Recordings 1991-1993
Cymatica | Somewhere in Between Instrumentals
Damn Fabric | Damn Fabric Tha Album
Darkest Hour | Perpetual | Terminal
Yousef Dave | Vault Mix, Vol. 2: Groove Theory
Erika de Casier | Still
Defect Designer | Chitin
Defying | Wadera
Degraved | Cystic | Lightless Domain
Desolate Tomb | Scorned By Misery
Diamond Day | Connect The Dots
Dicks | Kill From The Heart Reissue
Dinah | Dinah!
Disastroid | Garden Creatures
Douance | Monstre
Downwinder | Claws of Despair
The Dream Academy | Religion, Revolution & Railways
Kevin Drumm | OG23
DW Destroyer | Garbage Ass Jerk Songs
Dust Bolt | Sound & Fury
Mia Dyson | Tender Heart
Earthgang | Robophobia
Ecstatic Music Band | Neon Love Devotionals
The Eighty Six Seas | Scenes From An Art Heist
Elephant Stone | Back Into The Dream
Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru | Souvenirs
Avi C. Engel | Too Many Souls
Erick the Architect | I’ve Never Been Here Before
Eternal Time & Space & Joel Corelitz | Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Anthems for a Fireteam
Evanora Unlimited | Perfect Answer
Excuse Me | The Light
EYOT | Quindecennial
Bill Fay | Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Alessandro Fisher / Anna Tilbrook | A Gardener’s World: Flowers in Song
Alan Fitzpatrick | Headphone Lullaby EP
Flyingdeadman | As Hearts Stop To Beat
The Follies | Permanent Present Tense
Fragment Soul | Galois Paradox
Gillian Frances | Pools, A Collection
Ace Frehley | 10​,​000 Volts
Frolin & Magnus | Stargazing
Fucked Up | The Chemistry of Common Life 15th Anniversary Reissue
Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru | Souvenirs
Gen And The Degenerates | Anti-Fun Propaganda
Genital Shame | Chronic Illness Wish
Gentle Giant | The Missing Piece: Steven Wilson Remix
Geographer | A Mirror Brightly
Geotic | The Anchorite
Jane Getter Premonition | Division World
Ghetts | On Purpose, With Purpose
Ghost Funk Orchestra | A Trip To The Moon
John Glacier | Like A Ribbon EP
Glaive | A Bit Of A Mad One EP
Glitterer | Rationale
Selena Gomez | Love On
Gonemage | Spell Piercings
Gonnn | Void, Vol. 2 Deluxe Edition
Glvtchy | Deathlurker
JJ Grey | Olustee
David Grubbs & Liam Keenan | Your Music Encountered In A Dream
Tomasz Guiddo & Jimi Tenor | Where The Wild Roam EP
Guiltless | Thorns
Gum Takes Tooth | Recovered EP Part 2
Steve Gunn & David Moore | Live in London
Half Baked Non-Sequitur | Leaving.
Hand of Kalliach | Corryvreckan
Morgan Harper-Jones | Up To The Glass
Shaina Hayes | Kindergarten Heart
Shay Hazan | Wusul و​ص​و​ل
Helen Island | Last Liasse
Katie Henry | Get Goin’
Lyssa Heyman | Older Single
High Tide | Sea Shanties: The Complete Liberty Recordings
Hi-Lo, Space 92 & Oliver Heldens | Genesis EP
Eric Hilton | Sound Vagabond
Wes Hoffman & Friends | How It Should Be
Gao Hong & Ignacio Lusardi | Alondra
Hooper Crescent | Essential Tremors
Alan Hull | Singing A Song In The Morning Light: The Legendary Demo Tapes 1967-1970
Hullabaloo | Live From Sun Studio
Hurray For The Riff Raff | The Past is Still Alive
IDKHOW | Gloom Division
Infinity Machine | Infinity Machine 001
Infinity Machine | Infinity Machine 002
Infinity Machine | Infinity Machine 003
Inner Sphere | Imperishable Realm
Inner Terrain | No More / Flesh vs Spirit
Iron Curtain | Savage Dawn
IU | The Winning
The Ivy | A Door Still Open
Jack & Jack | Home
Andy Jackson | AI AJ
JKriv | Within EP
Job For A Cowboy | Moon Healer
Davy Jones | The Bell Records Story
Josephine | Leaning EP
JT Music | JT XXII
Meiko Kaji | Gincho Wataridori Reissue
Kanii, Riovaz & Nimstarr | The Heart Racers EP
Kasabian | Call
Ka$hdami | Oasis
Bastien Keb | Lost in Sunflowers (FloFilz Remix)
KeepVibesNear | Noir
Dota Kehr | Die Vielgerühmte Einsamkeit
Kevlar Upper | Demo
Ali Khan | Yoyu | Lynx | It’s All Gonna Be OK Somehow
Kid Cudi | Insano (Nitro Mega)
Kings of Leon | Mustang Single
Kirlian Camera | Radio Signals For The Dying
Kisé | BandoBabySeason
Kissing The Pink | Anthology 1982-2024
Kösmonaut / Ruffini | Disco Trance Discs
Koralle | Perfections
Andriy Kyrychenko | Maria
L.A.B. | VI
Katia & Marielle Labèque | Philip Glass / Cocteau Trilogy
Lair | Ng​é​lar
Timo Lassy & Jukka Eskola | Nordic Stew
Last Ark Out | Lift
Last Boy | Live From The Carron Bothy
Bobby LeBad | Beautiful Ice
Lehto | Hawa Single
Lihla | Socha
Lil Durk | Old Days
Little Kid | A Million Easy Payments
London Symphony Orchestra / Simon Rattle / Amanda Majeski / Simon O’Neill / Katarina Dalayman | Katya Kabanova
Lou | Soundtrack
Corb Lund | El Viejo EP
Post Malone | The Diamond Collection Vinyl
Mama Zu | Quilt Floor
Melissa Manchester | Re:View
DJ Manny | Escape Reality EP
Man…or Astro-Man? | Peel Session 1996
Man…or Astro-Man? | Peel Session 1997
Man…or Astro-Man? | Radcliffe Session 1996
Kai Mark | Doll EP
Mick Mars | The Other Side Of Mars
Essence Martins | Dear In The Headlights EP
Maruja | The Invisible Man
June McDoom | With Strings Vinyl
Meute | Empor
Le Menhir | Le Menhir
MGMT | Loss Of Life
Midel | Lo Complicado De Ser Simple
Mildfire | Kids In Traffic
Mint Mile | Roughrider
Modern English | 1 2 3 4
MoMa Ready | Soft, Hard, Body: Remastered
Mondmann | Beyond Instrumentals
Monkey3 | Welcome To The Machine
French Montana | Mac & Cheese 5
Monto | Instant
Mooneye | Come with Me and Hide
Moonshine | Noir Fever Presents: Moonshine & La Fédération Internationale du Bruit
Raffa Moreira | Os Irmão Metralha
Morta Skuld | Creation Undone
Motörhead | The Löst Tapes
Mr. Nice Guy | B^{4}
Muchi | You Don’t Look So Good
Musclecars | Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)
Mutiny | Mutiny
M.U.T.T. | Dirty Deeds EP
MXC | Tik Tik EP
Laena Myers | LUV (Songs of Yesterday)
Kim Myhr & Kitchen Orchestra | Hereafter
Nahlith | Imperial Single
Nahlith | Prowler EP
NateWantsToBattle | Smoke and Guns (Sslowed + Reverb)
Noa Naya | Insomnia
Ngwaka Son Systéme | Iboto Ngenge
Night Windows | In Memories
’92 | ’92
Carlos Niño, Idris Ackamoor, Nate Mercereau | Free, Dancing​.​.​.
Nomura | The Silent Whisper
North Sea Echoes | Really Good Terrible Things
Not Marshall | Brother, Sometimes I Don’t Think About Death.
Eva Novoa | Novoa / Gress / Gray Trio, Vol. 1
The Odds | Danse Animal
Om La Lună | Fazele Lunii (Live la TNB)
Igor Osypov | Motherland​?​2K14
Ox33n | Sober
Paledusk | Palehell
Flora Ocean Parkin | Electric Dreams Golden Sea
Pastel | Dancing On A Pin
Patois Counselors | Enough: One Night At The Daisy Chain
Potter Payper | Thanks For Hating
Pensacola Mist | Lost In Love Instrumentals
Art Pepper Quintet | Smack Up: Contemporary Records Acoustic Sounds Series Vinyl
Persher | Sleep Well
Phil & The Tiles | Double Happiness
Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson | Gypsy Suite, Remastered & Expanded
Phish | Feb. 21, 2024 | Moon Palace Resort, Riviera Maya
Phish | Feb. 22, 2024 | Moon Palace Resort, Riviera Maya
Phish | Feb. 23, 2024 | Moon Palace Resort, Riviera Maya
Phish | Feb. 24, 2024 | Moon Palace Resort, Riviera Maya
Natasha Pirard | Dream Cycles
Ploy | They Don’t Love It Like We Do
Polar Inertia | Environment Control
Polymancer | Cold Feet Single
Ponte del Diavolo | Fire Blades From The Tomb
Cindy Pooch | Le Feu
DJ Poolboi | Into The Blue Light
Thomas Powers | A Tyrant Crying In Private
Pregoblin | Pregoblin II
Daniel Prim y Su Parampampan | Home
Prince | The Vault: Old Friends For Sale Vinyl
Procol Harum | Shine On Brightly Vinyl
Cergio Prudencio | Antolog​í​a 1: Obras Para la Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos
Psymon Spine | Head Body Connector
Real Estate | Daniel
Recabarren Menares Vazquez | Familia
Receive | New Abrasions
Reckonize Real | House of Hidden Daggers
Red Rum Club | Western Approaches
Relief & Philippe Deschamps | Diameter of Dreams
Remo Drive | Mercy
Residente | Las Letras Ya No Importan
Revival Season | Golden Age Of Self Snitching
Rich Arithmetic | Pushbutton Romance
Rip Van Winkle | The Grand Rapids EP
Stan Rogers | Songs Of A Lifetime Box Set
Rosellas | Is It Any Wonder?
Atticus Ross | Shōgun Soundtrack
Royal Tusk | Altruistic
RunOn | 2 Crazy
Laetitia Sadier | Rooting for Love
Sadistik | Oblivion Theater
Sakurazaka46 | Ikutsunokoronimodoritainoka? Special Edition
Philip Sayce | The Wolves Are Coming
Tina Schlieske | The Good Life
Schubmodul | Lost In Kelp Forest
7th Place | Blue Brain
Nadine Shah | Filthy Underneath
Maya Shenfeld | Under the Sun
ShockOne | Organism Algorithm
Shoreline | To Figure Out
Silent Forum | Domestic Majestic
Silver Skylarks | Power Moves (ft. Kool G Rap) Single
Skuggor | Whispers of Ancient Spells
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum | Of The Last Human Being
Snek | Ario Explode
The Snuts | Millennials
Somoh | Problem Child EP
Sperling | Menschen Wie Mir Verzeiht Man Die Welt Oder Hasst Sie
Spiral Heads | ‘Til I’m Dead
The Splendids ft. Eamon | Cry Baby Cry / Blame My Heart
$plit | F.M.L.
Le Sserafim | Easy
SSGKobe | Horcrux
Andrew Star | Sounds From Hell
Rod Stewart with Jools Holland | Swing Fever
Stygian Crown | Funeral For A King
Dina Summer | Hide & Seek
Sun Atoms | Ceiling Tiles
Sunmundi & Klwn Cat | Lived and Born
Super Disco Club | Don’t You Want My Love (Pt 2)
Sybris | Gold On Hold
Syst3m Glitch | Beyond Stars Instrumentals
Teethe | Teethe Reissue
Tempo | Tempo Es Tempo 4 EP
Terminal 11 | Suffocating Repetition
310babii | Nights and Weekends
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! | Bloom
Timelost | Drained
Mary Timony | Untame The Tiger
Tin Man | Acid Test 01​.​1
Toadliquor | Back In The Hole
Today Was Yesterday | Today Was Yesterday
Tony Boy | Nostalgia
Rafael Toral | Spectral Evolution
Toxiikull | Under The Southern Light
The Trammps | I’ve Gotta Stand Up (Dave Lee Garage City Mix) Single
Treasure | Let It Burn
Mark Trecka | The Bloom of Performance
Tri.be | Diamond
TTSSFU | Me, Jed And Andy
Manuel Turizo | Mamasota
Tvinna | Two: Wings of Ember
Twice | With You-th
Gregory Uhlmann | Small Day
Vai5000 | Eimi
Van Halen | Live: Right Here, Right Now Vinyl Box
Various Artists | Bear’s Sonic Journals: Sing Out! Berkeley Community Theater, 4/25/1981
Various Artists | Create Together Vol. 4
Various Artists | Groove Machine: The Earl Young Drum Sessions
Various Artists | The JFK Inauguration Hot 100 20th January 1961
Various Artists | Mean Girls: Music From The Motion Picture
Various Artists | SAM Records Anthology: The Sound of New York City 1975-1983
Various Artists | Soulful Deep & Dope 2024
Various Artists | A Special Radio / TV Record: Nr. 23
Veil Of The Serpent | Into The Moon
Velvet | Romance
Vircolac | Veneration
Virgins | Nothing Hurt And Everything Was Beautiful
Vivid Bad Squad | Vivid Bad Squad Sekai Album Vol. 2
Cristian Vogel | NEL Adventures
Gina Volpe | Delete the World
Vorga | Beyond The Palest Star
Isobel Waller-Bridge | Wicked Little Letters
Wanderer | Indulgence Remixed
Franek Warzywa | Sześć Słońc
The Waterboys | 1985
Isaiah True Weaver | Flat Tire Down Memory Lane (Presidents’ Day Edition)
Whispering Sons | The Great Calm
Whitelands | Night​-​Bound Eyes Are Blind To The Day
Kim Wilde | Love Blonde: The RAK Years 1981-1983
Nectar Woode | Nothing To Lose
Al Wootton | River Songs
Wrecked Lightship | Antiposition
Allie X | Girl With No Face
X:In | The Real
Xiu Xiu | La For​​​ê​​​t
Neil Young | Dume
Yugyeom | Trust Me
Yung Alvin | AVMJL
Yungun aka Essa | The Essance
Zemaru | Jo$é Caro
Mike Zito | Life Is Hard