Jason Lyles Rockets Into The Light

The Tennessee pop-rocker blasts back to the ’70s in his SF-inspired single & video.

Jason Lyles steers his spaceship toward The Light on his uplifting new single and high-flying stop-motion animated video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Lyles has always been interested in what lies between genres — in that gray area where sounds tangle together and kick free of any sense of restriction or confinement. Whether it’s the sharp twang of an acoustic guitar blended with the emphatic thrust of some euphoric power-pop echo, or the tumbling movements of mid-90’s alternative rock spliced with 80’s jangle-pop, he has a unique ability to graft musical histories together in a way that doesn’t feel forced or disconnected. “This track is some of my best work, and the one with which I’ve had the most creative freedom,” says Lyles.

The Light is the first single from the Chattanooga singer-songwriter’s upcoming album, which will explores the landscape between the harsh realities of life and the fictions we turn to for release. Based on the writings of SF author Stephen Baxter, the ’70s-fuelled pop-rocker tells the story of a pilot in a bleak future who breaks the chains of his fascist training and changes the course of history for humanity. Featuring three-part harmonies, a string section, guitar shreds, and driving beat, the anthemic is meant to inspire and illustrate that anyone can break free of their past to do something amazing.

Speaking of DIY: Lyles also animated and edited the 2D stop-motion video, featuring paper designs by professional artist Michael Salter. Futuristic characters and locales come to life as well as epic space battles at the center of the galaxy. On the musical side, the song also features Gabe Lane on lead guitar, Stephanie Brooks on strings, Spencer Lyman on keys and Andrew Preavett on drums. Preavett also produced and mixed the track, while mastering was provided by Brandon Allshouse at Steelhouse Mastering. Lyles performs throughout the southeast and midwest both solo acoustic and with his band, Jason Lyles and the Legimitizers.

See The Light above, hear more from Jason Lyles below, and find him on his website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.