Anikk Passionately Vows: I Don’t Wanna Lose Myself

The Swiss pop singer shares some intense romantic feelings in her new single.

Anikk holds on tight in her lovelorn new ballad I Don’t Wanna Lose Myself — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Swiss pop singer-songwriter’s latest release offers a glimpse of the other, a moment of infinity, like a mirror of one’s own soul. Thoughts rush by, uncertainties surface, only to reveal that you are already deeply involved. Anikk sings about the intense feelings of love, the passionate emotions of the infatuation phase, and the associated fears — of being abandoned by the beloved as well as by oneself. Despite these fears, the longing is greater than the fear and potential danger of being hurt.

The 23-year-old artist likes to let herself go in her music and give form to her innermost feelings. This makes it all the more wonderful for her to share her music with the audience and create a connection. Anikk knows how to use her dreamy voice skillfully — whether in the studio or live, her songs are intense and captivating, with a touch of melancholy.

In 2021, she came third in the popular bandXost contest. Within a short space of time, Anikk has attracted the attention of the Swiss media. In June 2023, she became MX3’s All For One talent with her debut single Tgi Eis Ti?

Check out I Don’t Wanna Lose Myself above, hear more from Anikk below, and find her on her website, Instagram and TikTok.