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Next Week in Music | Jan. 22-28 • The Long List: 365+ Releases On The Way

Browse all the new LPs & tunes heading for your playlist in the coming days.

Today in musical demises:

Peggy Lee died in 2002, following a heart attack at the age of 81; Elvis Presley’s manager Col. Tom Parker left the building in 1997 after suffering a stroke in Las Vegas at age 87; soul singer Jackie Wilson passed away in 1984, eight years after he suffered a massive heart attack onstage in New Jersey and wound up in a coma; and Allman Brothers Band bassist Lamar Williams died of lung cancer in 1972 at age 34. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good: This list of the 365-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. And to answer your question (and Peggy’s): Yes, that’s all there is:



Josh Abbott Band | Somewhere Down The Road
Ab6ix | The Future Is Ours : Found
Acumen | Mark VII
Terry Adams | Terrible Deluxe Edition
Adult. | New Phonies
Aeternus | Dark Sorcery Reissue
Alcatrazz | Rock Justice: Complete Recordings 1983-1986
Alkaline Trio | Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs
Alla Boara | Work & Song
Bernard Allison | Luther’s Blues
Brent Amaker & The Rodeo | Philaphobia
Angry Blackmen | The Legend of ABM
Antistatic | Relics
Any Given Day | Limitless
Any Other | Stillness, Stop: You Have A Right To Remember
Armchair Oracles | Nothingeveris
James Arthur | Sweet Love
Ashywuff! | Blood Red
Asp1c | Life in The Static
Ataque Zerø | Ciudades
Autumns Eyes | Grimoire of Oak & Shadow
Kevin Ayers | Joy Of A Toy Remastered Vinyl
Bachratten | Durch Dich Durch
Bad Gyal | La Joia
Baker Gurvitz Army | Neon Lights: The Broadcasts 1975
Adam Bałdych | Passacaglia
David Barber | DB & the Soho Nine-Six
BedouinBedouin | Temple Of Dreams Remixes Part 5
Benny the Butcher | Everybody Can’t Go
Benoît Pioulard & Offthesky | Sunder
Between Mermaids And Me | Untouchable Single
Mark Bishop | Home
Black Barrel | Want To Feel EP
Black Polish | Forest (Monsters Live in the Trees)
Black Silk | Elysian Fields
Blade | Loss / Four / Concept EP
Blessd | Si Sabe
Blood Red Throne | Nonagon
The Blssm | Pretty Little Psycho Single
Boarhammer | II: Chemognosis – A Shortcut to Mushrooms
Das Body | True Vulture
Boris | Hello There
Becca Bowen | County Line
Bright & Black | The Album
Brion Gysin | Junk Reissue
Peter Brötzmann | Chickenshit Bingo
Jack Bruce | Smiles And Grins, Broadcast Sessions 1970-2001
B.T. Express | Non-Stop Expanded Edition
Bumps | Summer Despair
Spencer Burton | North Wind
Caligula’s Horse | Charcoal Grace
Maria Callas | La Divina
Anna Calvi | Peaky Blinders: Season 5 & 6 Original Score
Jim Capaldi | The Outside Years
Will Carlisle | Critterland
Carnal Savagery | Into The Abysmal Void
Sofia Carson | I Hope You Know
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes | Dark Rainbow
Jason Carter | Seeking the Divine
Cate | Rocket Science Single
Celtic Woman | 20: 20th Anniversary
Chatham County Line | Hiyo
Wild Billy Childish & The Chatham Singers | Troubled Mind / Ranscombe Farm Boogie
Chivas | Deathcore
Cho Co Pa Co Cho Co Quin Quin| | Tradition Reissue
Choir of King’s College Cambridge | Essential Carols: The Best Of
Cix | 0 or 1
Cognizance | Phantazein
Mike Cooper | Aquapelagos Vol. 2: Índico
Cop Funeral | Live ’23
Corax B.M | Pagana
Courting | New Last Name
Crawl Space | My God​.​.​. What’ve I Done?
Crimeapple & Preservation | El León
Ctafad | Wandering In Body
Damsel Elysium | Whispers from Ancient Vessels
Dantin | Responsibilities / She Likes Me
Yussef Dayes | Live From Malibu
Dead Poet Society | Fission
Kiki Dee | The Ariola & EMI Years
Destroyyyyer | D&W Beat Collection Vol. 9.5
Ricky Dillard | Choirmaster II
Dipygus | Dipygus
Dissimulator | Lower Form Resistance
Doctor Bionic | Terrestrial Radio
Fabiano do Nascimento & Sam Gendel | The Room
Drowned | Procul His
Dust & Bones | Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet
DYL | Holy Waters
Echoes Of… | Euphemisms
Ehrah & Oblique | Feline Funk Single
86TVs | You Don’t Have To Be Yourself Right Now EP
E.M.B.E.E. | First Day Out
EMF | The Beauty & The Chaos
Enemic Interior | III
Erasure | The Neon Live
Charles Esten | Love Ain’t Pretty
Evnne | Un: Seen
Exocrine | Legend
Eye Flys | Eye Flys
Faerie Test | Vitalitea
The Fall | The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country On The Click) Reissue
Family | It’s Only A Movie Remastered & Expanded
Fantastic Purple Spots | Vibrations Now
Fazi | Folding Story
Brunhild Ferrari | Ext​é​rieur​-​jour
James Ferraro | Genware I: Dhicro
James Ferraro | Genware II: Eigen Embryo
James Ferraro | Genware III: Neuralpaint
R.A.P. Ferreira & Fumitake Tamura | The First Fist to Make Contact When We Dap
Final Coil | The World We Inherited
Finnogun’s Wake | Stay Young
Firefall | The Singles A’s & B’s
Fossilization | Leprous Daylight
French Police | Bully
Frituuur Aconcagua | Frituuur Aconcagua
Future Islands | People Who Aren’t There Anymore
Futurewave | McFly
Garbagepile2024 | Sanction Channel
Kevin Gates | The Ceremony
El Gato Negro Tropical | Tigre Qui Pleure
The Gems | Phoenix
Ghost Atlas | Dust Of The Human Shape
Glaive | Huh
Philip Glass | Philip Glass Solo
Kinga Głyk | Real Life
Gonnn | Highs! Outtakes
Kyle Gordon | My Life (Is The Worst Life Ever)
Goth Babe | Lola
Christoph Grab’s Reflections | Oneness
Grave Speaker | Grave Speaker
The Great Alone | Perception
Gui Duvignau | Live In Red Hook
GV | 2024
Eamon Harkin | Noetic
Gabi Hartmann | Little Songlines
Sasha Haydn | Eleanora
Hearts & Hand Grenades | Where I Begin
Joe Heaven | End All, Say All
Heavy Seas | Distortion Days
Hellman | Born, Death, Suffering
Hiatus Kaiyote | Everything’s Beautiful
Hikari | Iwannabebrutallymurderedinlosangeles
Hiraes | Dormant
Hjirok | Hjirok
Holak | Saska Butik
Hot Club of Los Angeles | Nova
Hydroplaned Into A False Reality! | Point Perspective…
Abdullah Ibrahim | 3
The Infernal Sea | Hellfenlic
Inquisition | Veneration Of Medieval Mysticism And Cosmological Violence
I-R | Detroit Densha Seikatsu
Island Apes | Island Apes
Isle Of Jura | Instrumental Dubs #2
Vasco Ispirian | Fata Morgana
Ismay | Desert Pavement
IU | Love Wins All
Jacks Flat | Jack Out The Box
Sarah Jarosz | Polaroid Lovers
Jelly Roll | Halfway to Hell
Ryu Su Jeong | 2Rox
Johan | The Great Vacation
Peter Jonatan | Psalms Symphony
Tony Jones and Jessica Jones | Hearing Into the Future
Martyn Joseph | That Is What I Want To Say
Junodream | Pools of Colour
Jooyoung | Sphere
Kalt Vindur | Magna Mater
Daniel Kashule | Started From The Bottom
Walter Kemp 3 | Black Whole Live
Kidburn | Dreams (ft. Max Cruise)
The Kid Laroi | Heaven
Kill The Thrill | Autophagie
Randall King | Into The Neon
Kings Winter | The Other Side Of Fear
Katy Kirby | Blue Raspberry
Otto Klemperer | The Warner Classics Remastered Edition, Vol. 2: Complete Recordings
Knoll | As Spoken
Takuya Kuroda | Rising Son
Ashley Kutcher | House On The Water
Jim Kweskin | Never Too Late
Lamila | Stay For A While Single
Lapalux | Nostalchic Reissue
Large Brush Collection | Off Center
Lehto | Kettu
John Leventhal | Rumble Strip
Lidvall | Overdosed
Dave Liebman & Jeff Williams | In Duo
Longwave | The Strangest Things 20th Anniversary Reissue
Lucifer | V
Lyrical Lemonade | All Is Yellow
Mac Saturn | Hard To Sell
Malcolm MacWatt | Dark Harvest
Madder Mortem | Old Eyes, New Heart
Malice K | Radio Single
Joseph Malik | Be A Lion (ft. Kameelah Waheed)
Mall Girl | Pure Love
Maluma | Gafas Negras
Mama’s Boys | Runaway Dreams 1980-1992
Etta Marcus | The Death Of Summer & Other Promises
Marley Marl | Joy (Hallelujah) (ft. Lady Alma and Kenny Bobien)
Maserati | Pyramid of the Sun Anniversary Edition
Masta Ace & Marco Polo | Richmond Hill
Mayuko | Songs To Whistle When Strolling Along The Abyss
Salvatore Mercatante | Ø
Microhm | Desvanecer
Microstoria | Init Ding + _Snd Remastered
Danny Miles | Beautiful Day
Monoscopes | Encyclopedia
Moonshine | Noir Fever Presents: Moonshine & La Fédération Internationale du Bruit
Moonya | Hand In Hand Single
Amelia Moore | That Girl Single
Morali | Always Call EP
Craig Morgan | Enlisted
Henry Mosto | S3X¥
Mark Mothersbaugh | A Real Bug’s Life Soundtrack
Mountain Caller | Chronicle II: Hypergenesis
Jaxon Mune | Running Man
Myaap | Big Myaap Not The Lil One
Nasti | People Problem
NateWantsToBattle | Kick Back (Chainsaw Man)
Necrotum | Defleshed Exhumation
Nehan | An Evening With Nehan
Nero | Blame You
NewDad | Madra
Colin Newman | Busted
New Model Army | Unbroken
Danielle Nicole | The Love You Bleed
Nighthowls | Nighthowls
Che Noir | The Color Chocolate Volume 1 EP
No-Man | Housekeeping: The OLI Years, 1990-1994
Not Marshall | They Want Me To Look At Those Who Have Left Us. I’ll Let Everyone Know Where You All Are Right Now
Tom Odell | Black Friday
O​-​D​-​EX | Breaker
Office Dog | Spiel
Ray Okpara | Rain EP
Olhava | Sacrifice
Oltrefuturo | Aural Deception
Onslaught Kommand | Visions of Blood and Gore
Opolopo | Beats N Pieces EP
Rita Ora & Keith Urban | Shape Of Me Single
Or Best Offer | Center
Orchestre De Chambre De Lausanne / Joshua Weilerstein | American and English Orchestral Music
Papa Jon | It Will Get Good Later
Papooz | Resonate
Tyler Peek | Thusfar: Live From CoffeeMafia
Ada Peel | Transcendent Echoes Single
Perdurabo | Magnetar
Tom Poisson | Jean-Michel
Matt Pond PA & Alexa Rose | Call And Response
Poppin’ Party | New Season
Chayse Porter | Endless / Boundless
The Prisoners | Don’t Burst My Bubble / Ain’t No Telling
Prognan | Sjene Nad Balkanom
Proppa | Go Fuck Yourself Single
PS5 | Echologia
Purulency | Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions
Quarters Of Change | Portraits
Qubiko & Denis Ago | Pondos EP
Radical Kitten | Uppercat
Sammy Rae & The Friends | Coming Home Song
Raffaella | Live, Raff, Love (Act II) EP
The Real Jobs | The Droolers
The Red Clay Strays | Moment of Truth Reissue
The Reytons | Ballad Of A Bystander
Gruff Rhys | Sadness Sets Me Free
Andrew Richards | The August Session
Rick N The Sickos | RNTS
Riley’s L.A. Guns | The Dark Horse
Rituals Of The Dead Hand | The Wretched And The Vile
Rogue Charlie | Se Tutto Finisse Qui
The Rogues | Raise Your Glass And Raise Your Fist Single
Eli Rose | Hypersensible Deluxe Edition
Mitch Ryder | The Roof Is On Fire
Sacrofuck | Świ​ę​ta Krew
Saint DX | Way Back Home
Charlotte Sands | Can We Start Over?
Gustavo Santaolalla | Ronroco Reissue
Saquam | On Fire
Saramaccan Sound (Suriname) | Where The River Bends Is Only The Beginning
Sauvageoness | Phoebe
Drew Schlesinger | Lost Childhood Vol​.​1
Levi Scott | 2^1.5
Sedibus | Seti
Ty Segall | Three Bells
Seola 설아 | Inside Out
Elena Setien | Moonlit Reveries
7th Place | In
Sigma | London Sound
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson | Into the Second Half
Marlon Simon And The Nagual Spirits | On Different Paths
Andrey Sirotkin | Who To Blame (Except Myself)
Sister Sadie | No Fear
Sigma | London Sound
Skepta | Gas Me Up (Diligent)
Sky Dreamers | Impressionists
Skyjelly | Spirit Guide ح​ق​ي​ق​ة
Slower | Slower
The Smile | Wall Of Eyes
Conner Smith | Smoky Mountains
Sy Smith | Until We Meet Again
Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts | Take The Long Way Single
Leslee Smucker | Breathing Landscape
Astrid Sonne | Great Doubt
Soulcarrion | Enthrone Death
Spasticus | Primal Future
Brad Stank | In The Midst Of You
Static-X | Project Regeneration: Vol 2
Mol Sullivan | Goose
Les Talens Lyriques / Flemish Radio Choir / Christophe Rousset | Louise Bertin: Fausto
Tanin’iver | Dark Evils Desecrate
Tapir! | The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain
10cc | 20 Years (1972-1992)
Terra Twin | Head Leaking EP
They Hate Change | Wish You Were Here… EP
Think Differently | Fish & Chips
Dylan John Thomas | Dylan John Thomas
Thunder | Live At Islington Academy
The Tibbs | Keep It To Yourself
Justin Timberlake | Selfish
Hiruy Tirfe | 10,000 Hours
Antonio Tonietti | No Longer Human
Tooboe | Stupid Dog
Torres | What An Enormous Room
Trilobeat | Extinction Horizon
Twin Tribes | Pendulum
TWS | Sparkling Blue
Ultra Lover | Faith Healer / Ab solute Future
The Umbrellas | Fairweather Friend
Unsouling | Vampiric Spiritual Drain
Uragano | LP1
Alceu Valença | Bicho Maluco Beleza: Carnaval
Valerian Swing | Nights Remixes
Various Artists | All Day I Dream: A Winter Sampler VI
Various Artists | EPM Selected Vol​.​ 9
Various Artists | Fantastic Voyage: New Sounds for the European Canon 1977-1981
Various Artists | Flux Gourmet Soundtrack
Various Artists | Harmony: A New Musical Cast Recording
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Music! 89
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call ’90s R&B
Various Artists | Jon Savage’s 1983-1985: Welcome To Techno City
Various Artists | The Stills Series
VCHA | Girls of the Year
Veezy The Virgo | Redirection
Violin | Violin
Vipassi | Lightless
Vitriol | Suffer And Become
Lars Vogt | The Complete Warner Classics Edition
Mal Waldron | Reminicent Suite
M. Ward | Duet for Guitars #2 Vinyl Reissue
M. Ward | Transfiguration of Vincent Vinyl Reissue
Craig Warden | The Dream Dreaming
Joe Webb | Collblanc
Whitechapel | Live In The Valley
Wickonic | Never Heard of
Wild Wes | Any Means Necessary
William Elliott Whitmore | Silent, the Mind Breaks
Cole Williams | Organize Single
Jeff Williams | In Duo
Michael Wollny | Duo
Wonderlands X Showtime | Sekai Album Vol. 2
Myles Wright | Gamer
Xofilo | Purple Light District
Emily Yacina | Trick Of The Light / Nothing Lasts
Yama Uba | Silhouettes