Thursday Mixtape | More Than 145 Songs To Get Your Feet Wet (Side 1)

When does Friday start on Thursday? When it’s Bandcamp Friday, of course. This month’s gun-jumpers are already starting to trickle in, so I’m posting this before the stream turns into a tidal wave. Not that we’re in a drought or anything — not with more than 145 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances to wade through. And of course, as always, you won’t catch most of these keepers anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🌊. Do the wave:



1Olivia Jean | Raving Ghost

2Galen & Paul | Room at the Top

3Weekend Recovery | No Guts, All The Glory

4Destroy Boys | Beg For The Torture

5Crown Lands | The Shadow + Lady Of The Lake + Citadel (Live)

6The Hold Steady | Sideways Skull (Live On Late Night)

7Decasia | Sunrise (Live)

8Fantastic Cat | C’mon Armageddon (Live)

9The Flowers of Hell | Atmosphere

10LA Priest | Star

11Amena Viana | Kick Them Out

12The Flatliners | It’ll Hurt

13Hotel Mira | Dancing With The Moonlight

14Le Capre a Sonagli | Funeral Rave Party

15Depeche Mode | Walking In My Shoes + Ghosts Again (ft. BBC Concert Orchestra)

16Sobs | Burn Book + Astronomy + Air Guitar + Last Resort

17Grateful Dead | Around and Around (Louisville, KY 7/6/90)

18Rummelsnuff & Asbach | Salutare (Live)

19Brontez Purnell | Jaboukie

20Eric Bibb | Blues Funky Like Dat (ft. Taj Mahal & Jontavious Willis)

21Dropkick Murphys | Gotta Get To Peekskill (ft. Violent Femmes)

22Bdrmm | Be Careful

23Margaritas Podridas | Filosa

24Symphony Orchestra | Harp In The Wind

25Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats | What If I (Cook Brothers Version)

26Girma Bèyènè, Etienne de la Sayette & Wild Horses Orchestra | Tewedjign Endehu

27Cazayoux | Shakeback

28Wowza In Kalamazoo | Milo On A Bike

29Ogives | Patience V-VI