David Deacon Traces the Arc Of Life

The Canadian troubadour examines existence in his contemplative new track.

David Deacon looks at the big picture in his introspective and philosophical new single and lyric video Arc Of Life — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Voiced in Deacon’s signature gravelly tones and backed by a wailing, otherworldly guitar, Arc Of Life encourages the listener to examine the life they’ve lived without vanity, without artifice, and with a mature, and ultimately peaceful, acceptance:

“It’s the arc of life
A bright or darkened star
It’s our mark on life
What’s done is what we are.”

“I wrote Arc Of Life because I always wanted to have a non-secular song that spoke to a life in a larger sense,” Deacon explains. “I wanted something that spoke about individuals and not to some mystic abstract. As well I wanted to make clear my view that I believe that what we do is what we are — not what we hoped or believed or just talked about.”

Arc Of Life is Deacon’s first single from his forthcoming album Four, out this May, which is like a ride that starts out on a freeway, takes a long stretch down a winding road, makes a few off-road excursions, and ultimately has faith that just keeping on will get you somewhere interesting. It was written upon Deacon’s return to the music scene after a long hiatus. After a decade of hard work in this intense industry, Deacon chose to leave music. Now returning to the scene, he’s excited to play and create with the new technology that redefines what it means to be a musician, and share his work with the world.

Deacon has a voice that sounds like it could have an atomic decay number attached to it (and that’s a damn good thing). His bluesy, old-school rock/ballad storytelling spends time digging into the psyche of someone who has travelled many roads, and the people he’s met along the way. If you like Dire Straits or Tom Waits, maybe Leonard Cohen (if he rode motorcycles), Bob Dylan for sure, perhaps Van Morrison, you will likely dig Deacon.

Check out Arc Of Life above, sample more from David Deacon below, and ride with him at his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.