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Lord Sonny The Unifier Proclaims Himself America’s Newest Hitmaker

Saddle up for another dose of the Brooklyn indie-rocker's biker psychedelia.

Lord Sonny The Unifier makes it clear he’s America’s Newest Hitmaker with his latest album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Brooklyn’s foremost purveyor of post-punk biker psychedelia, Lord Sonny (aka Greg Jiritano) is revved up and ready to ride with a slate of well-crafted songs that pay homage to greats like The Clash, The Beatles and Motörhead — while simultaneously living in the moment with Viagra Boys, Black Keys and QOTSA. Sonny’s unique rock signature delivers unique psychedelic imagery with a distinct twist, utilizing alternative, punk, hard rock, psychedelic and classic rock influences to create a cohesive whole. America’s Newest Hitmaker triumphant, dynamic statement brimming with swagger and charisma.

With this followup to his debut album Final Notice! and EP All New Information, Lord Sonny The Unifier goes decidedly bigger this time around, with Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu on the production team. Not one to be stopped — or even slowed down — by a pandemic, the new album was written during the pandemic, and there is already another release on deck for the near future.

“This one was realized during Covid lockdown,” Lord Sunny says. “I was simultaneously building a new home and studio after the last one burnt down and writing the new album and like everyone, my thoughts were racing, battered and howling. The nail gun was pounding and the saws were slicing through steel and wood. The Laney amp was cranked and the vocals were on the edge. The titles tell best the tale of the tempest in the room, Black Eye Blues, Don’t Fall Apart, Howl!, Busy Making Love, Light Your Flare, We’re Electric, Loaded Life, While We Were Dozing, This High and Final Notice.

“Out of this questioning came more questions, some relief, much introspection and the realization that, among other things, the politricks we’re subjected to are in the best interests of the already affluent. The only power we have over the oppressors is what we create in our lives and the love we share with our people. They don’t have that and we do, and that’s more powerful than anything. In this life, he who sees the most beauty wins.”

Listen the the album below, check out Lord Sonny The Unifier’s latest videos above, and catch up with him at this website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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