Weekend Mixtape | More Than 300 (Yes, 300) Songs To Sink Your Teeth Into (Side 3)

Yowza! Talk about a busy day. As expected, the latest Bandcamp Friday brought on an onslaught of emails, press releases, submissions, notifications and other missives — at least 1,000, by my count — which I waded through and whittled down to this tasty batch of 300-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances. That oughta keep you occupied until Monday (if not until the next Bandcamp Friday). As always, expect to find dozens of gems in here that you won’t see or hear anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🦷. Open wide:



1🦷 Miss Grit | Follow The Cyborg


2The Techno Hall of Fame | Come With Me

3🦷 Breakup Shoes | Get Lost

4Benson Boone | Sugar Sweet

5🦷 Sombr | Alibi

6Hannah Aldridge | Dorero

7Marco Mengoni | Due Vite

8David Haerle | Little Gordon

9ABBA | I Have A Dream

10🦷 Carneyval & Benny Mayne | Flies

11Jax | Cinderella Snapped

12Mckenna Grace | Checkered Vans

13MeUs | The Shore

14Gus Dapperton | Horizons

15Lindsey Lomis | This Time (I Don’t Wanna)

16Lily Hain | Meant To Be Lonely

17Walk Off The Earth | My Stupid Heart (With Lauv)

18Emit | River

19Sam Williams | Lost Its Allure

20DWI | Marker (ft. The Zolas)

21Housewife | Fuck Around Phase

22🦷 Boy & Bear | Apex

23Miles From Nowhere. | A Little Bit

24🦷 Hot Chip, Brian Eno & Goddess | Line In The Sand (Official Audio)