Tinnitist TV | Episode 74: Whitehorse

Country music is full of couples. You’ve got Johnny and June. George and Tammy. Faith and Tim. Garth and Trisha. And now, Luke and Melissa. As in Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland of Canadian roots outfit Whitehorse.

If case you haven’t heard, they’ve gone full-on country on their latest album I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying, toning down the rockier elements of their sound and embracing the authentic Nashville torch ’n’ twang of the ’70s. But it isn’t some slavish tribute to the past; all those vintage-sounding tracks are topped with contemporary lyrics about the pandemic, aliens, the RCMP and more. A few days after the release, the duo Zoomed in from their Winnipeg digs to chat about their new direction, the hardships of working musicians, who’s in the driver’s seat in their musical relationship and more. Enjoy.