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3smuni Takes You On A Lyrical Trip Overseas

The rising London rapper blends U.S. and U.K. styles on his new hybrid single.

3smuni embarks on a transatlantic journey with his intoxicating intercontinental single Overseas — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second massive missive from the rising British rapper, the smooth and supple Overseas seamlessly combines U.K. and U.S. melodic rap, deftly weaving together a low-slung groove and a guitar-based trap-wave melody in support of 3smuni‘s effortlessly flow and graceful balance between lyrics and melody.

Prodino, producer of the beat, was influenced by the likes of No Cap and NBA Youngboy, which helped give the track an American character. The creation of the beat inspired 3s‘s outstanding peformance.

Originally from South Africa and based in Milton Keynes and London, 3smuni has developed into a talented multi-instrumentalist. Influenced by the likes of old-school U.K. rappers such as Tinie Tempah and U.S. talents such as Quando Rondo, 3smuni was schooled on drums and piano from a young age before being given a home studio setup by his supportive family at the tender age of 14.

After a prolific production spell under lockdown, 3smuni released his first single Picture This in September 2022. What originally started out as a demo for his friend and manager Sebzz quickly became something that showcased the artist’s strong potential. A melodic and soulful trap wave record, Picture This showcased his talents as a vocalist and garnered interest on the independent U.K. rap scene. 3smuni continues to show signs of growth with Overseas, crafting a brand of erudite, heady trap that borders the predominant styles found in both Durban and London.

Listen to Overseas below and follow 3smuni on Instagram and TikTok.