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Albums Of The Week: Barnyard Stompers | Hellraisin’ Redneck Metalheads

Heavy Western? Trailer Thrash? Call it what you want — but the married Texas duo's bruising brand of metal-infused outlaw country is something you won't soon forget.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In a world where nothing makes sense, something very right happened — the unlikely union of Barnyard Stompers. Two complete opposites — Megan Wise had a positive outlook on life; Casey Miller hated the world. She had it together; he was a mess. She didn’t like to rock the boat; he tipped the boat over. Somehow, hey proved to be a perfect fit. Many bet against the improbable twosome with every mountain set in front of them but the Stompers never climbed even one; instead, they obliterated them all!

The first time they met, they were both performing in other bands — and while they introduced themselves with great mutual admiration, the two would not cross paths again for three years. But they never forgot each other, and seized the opportunity to give it a go the next time they met. He had loose ends a thousand miles away, but left her with his leather jacket and asked her not to forget him. She promised that she wouldn’t. He returned to her in the summer of 2012 and the couple formed Barnyard Stompers. Within a month, they were gigging and producing their first record. On Easter Sunday of 2014 at Gilley’s Rodeo Bar, Casey and Megan tied the knot.

Labeling Barnyard Stompers as a “duo” is almost insulting as Miller and Wise produce a huge sound, pushing each other to their limits at every performance. But when Megan was diagnosed with cancer, the band had to slow down and focus on health. They currently help others battling the disease through merchandise sales.​

Blending outlaw country with punk rock and metal may sound like a fool’s errand, but the Stompers make it look easy and while success has been a challenge, they celebrate each victory knowing plenty more are yet to come. Loved and respected by fans and fellow musicians alike, this band was born on the idea of being unique. That’s been a dirty word in the industry for years, but the Stompers are proud to have organically risen to a level of notoriety that their music is now heard on the radio, podcasts, streaming media and jukeboxes all over the world.

Touring, booking, driving, advertising, writing, designing and stocking the largest merch stand of any band short of KISS, performing, loading, setting up, breaking down, and unloading enough equipment for a five-piece outfit while maintaining and repairing everything in-house, keeping a truck and trailer on the road with no one but their faithful hound Bonita to help has proven to be quite a challenge and a true test of patience and will as well as a testament to their integrity and their love for each other as the Stompers continue to prevail.

For over a decade, Barnyard Stompers have been walking a tightrope. But their latest release — which many are already calling their breakthrough record — Hellraisin’ Redneck Metalheads, is anything but subtle. Their brand of country is reminiscent of the days of Cash and Waylon while the punk and metal are in your face.

Casey and Megan have always had eclectic tastes in music and an affinity for different subcultures. Inventing their sound, they have introduced the world to a new subgenre which some have called Heavy Western, Extreme Southern Rock and Trailer Thrash — but Barnyard Stompers just call it music and it’s a damn fine thing!”