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Jeremy Sean Hector Shines A Light After Dark

The Canadian-Caribbean jazz guitarist makes a night of it with his sophomore album.

Jeremy Sean Hector looks for the Light After Dark with his new album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Sometimes when we’ve been through hard times, music can guide us to a brighter future. Mostly composed with the post-pandemic future in mind, Caribbean-Canadian smooth jazz guitarist Hector’s sophomore album explores the range of emotions attached to the anticipation of brighter days ahead.

“I feel like in some way we can all relate to these emotions as we navigate these times,” he says. “The beauty of music for me is being able to capture the sound of moments as they are felt.”

Light After Dark’s lead single Night Flight began the journey into our evocative world after dark with its soulful and scintillating trip into the atmosphere. Hector’s soothing, melodically, and technically masterful guitar riffs mixed with the pulsating bass, gently propelling drums, and vibe-setting keyboards set the tone of the album.

Night Flight is the kind of song that seems to come alive at night,” he says. “With an air of wonder and anticipation, this song just wants to take you on a pleasant trip.”

Helping Hector create the soundtrack to a fresh start are Eddie Bullen on keyboards, Otios Williams on drums and bassist Eric Lyons. Other musicians who contributed to the album include bassist Mo Pleasure, Andrew Stewart and Keane Jules, drummers Larnell Lewis and William Laurencin, Isaac Agerman and Michael Arthurs on saxophone, Alexis Baros on trumpet and Meiron Kelly on trombone. Light After Dark is Hector’s second time partnering with Billboard-charting producer and pianist Bullen, who also joined him on his 2019 debut Ascension.

Born in 1990, Hector’s musical journey began on Grenada, with classical piano lessons at age 7. He studied guitar with his father for a few years before earning a master’s degree in psychology. But his desire to be a musical artist shined through and he has since had the pleasure of sharing the stage with world renowned artists such as Arturo Tappin, Ronald “boo” Hinkson, Larnell Lewis and the British Collective.

Listen to Light After Dark below, watch the video for Night Flight above, and connect with Jeremy Sean Hector at his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.