Saskia Nyx Waxes Poetic With New Moon

The Bristol singer's latest single walks a fine line between melancholy and hopeful.

Saskia Nyx looks heavenward for romantic guidance in her new single Moon — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With its spare piano and cello arrangement and heartfelt vocal, the track walks a fine line between melancholy and hopeful. More otherworldly than the Bristol, U.K. songspinner’s previous release Motorbike, it shows the singer missing her loving partner while taking some comfort in their seeing and sharing the same moon. The song, in fact, was inspired on a moonlit night: “A trap door opened in the sky,” Nyx recalls, “and the song Moon fell out.”

The tune may be rooted in a real situation, but Moon’s cinematic, dreamlike qualities make the experience universal. The singer’s vulnerability seduces the listener, holding them close, from her plaintive opening notes to the prayerful repetition at the track’s end:

Photo by Hacker Photography.

“Go find my love
Go tell him
Tell my love I love him.”

If Saskia’s distinctive voice sounds familiar, no doubt you’ve heard her on sessions by Stormzy, Labrinth and other acclaimed acts. She counts Lana Del Rey, Jordan Rakei, Glass Animals and other genre-blending acts among her stylistic kin. More new music will be available this winter, including an EP — and Nyx assures us of “more songs brewing in the cauldron.”

Check out Moon above and below, and find Saskia Nyx at her website, Instagram and Facebook.


Photo by Hacker Photography.