Lozen Knows There’s Just Something Bout Chu

The rising singer-songwriter knows what she likes, even if she doesn't know why.

Lozen comes on strong with her intoxicating single Something Bout Chu — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A light-hearted track that draws from American reggae-rock influences like Sublime with Rome and Slightly Stoopid, Something Bout Chu infuses smooth acoustic guitar riffs with a trancelike groove. Lyrically, Lozen alludes to her infatuation for rap as she references groups like Wu-Tang Clan and Busta Rhymes, dropping palpable innuendos and allusions to mystic love.

“It was very surreal,” Lozen says of the writing process. “So fresh, but familiar at the same time. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I just knew, there was something about him. Something kept pulling us together, despite all odds.”

Something Bout Chu is both a diary entry and confession letter fueled by unapologetic self-worth and a passionate, long-distance romance. Throaty vocals are paired with slow acoustic-guitar arpeggios that break into reggae-infused rhythms without warning. The climactic chorus brings a lighthearted summertime vibe that screams freedom.

Photo by Alivia Isabella Nadeau.


“Also, I make my boundaries crystal clear: I’ll ‘never be your side chick,’ ” she continues. “Don’t let the four-letter words and rugged edge fool you though — my raw vulnerability shines through with true confessions — ‘four chords and truth, yeah I’m falling for you.’ ”

Known primarily for her rap projects, Something Bout Chu gave Lozen the opportunity to stray from her usual creative process, she reveals. “Before I even got down with rap, I’d write songs on my guitar. I went back to my roots with this one. In a sense, it was kind of like coming home.”

This approach to composing laid the groundwork, while teaming up with award-winning beatmaker DJ Kemo allowed her to bring her project to life. The duo have been hunkering down together at Vanguards Music studio for months, enlisting the talent of prominent feature artists and session musicians to collaborate on a forthcoming album; Something Bout Chu is the first taste.

Lozen (real name Meaghan Mullaly) is a singer-songwriter who bends genre norms beyond classification, offering trippy R&B, jazz-infused ballads, golden-era style hip-hop, and dirty electronic bass. Check out Something Bout Chu above, sample more from Lozen below, and find her at her website, Instagram and Facebook.


Photo by Alivia Isabella Nadeau.