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Albums Of The Week: Eggy | With Gusto

The Australian eccentris scramble together pop & Krautrock on their second album.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:With Gusto is the sophomore album from Australian surrealist-pop outfit Eggy.

Lavish with opulence and dripping in surrealism, With Gusto is a vivid labyrinth of intricate and intersecting worlds, a pastiche of poignant ideas and concepts held together by a taut but jagged thread. Songs that strike with tenderness, and resonate reward through deeper inspection.

Taking melodic cues from avant-pop experimentalists Stereolab, with the rhythmic and left field stylings of Krautrock renegades Faust, Eggy fuse these together to forge a sound that is at once fascinating and disconcerting. As any imaginative odyssey should be.

It’s got saxophone, strings, sandpaper, synths, carpet, piano, samples, feedback, surrealism and synergy. Pure Eggy.”