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Albums Of The Week: Lord Elephant | Cosmic Awakening

Worship at the altar of the Italian power trio's epic psych-fuzz instrumental jams.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Cosmic Awakening is the first offering released by Lord Elephant in its lifetime. Rather than concentrate ourselves on other outputs, we wanted to celebrate the long road made together as musician and human beings with a proper debut album, long in its creation as the band itself.

Through the episodes of this journey, the trio experience different moods and sounds on the path, sealing through the dreamy waves of space and acid rock towards the perilous reef of heavy blues, stoner and sludge metal, finding strength and inspiration in the solid cohesion that bound the three of us. Steady rooted in the metal, rock and blues tradition, Cosmic Awakening tries to find a personal manner to meld heavy music and psychedelia, shadows and lights, with a focused starting point, but going to nowhere defined …

Lord Elephant were raised by Edoardo De Nardi (bass) and Leandro Gaccione (guitar) in 2016, after the split of their previous “napalm blues” band Random’N’Roll and the entry of Tommaso Urzino behind the drum kit. With diversified and complementary experiences, the trio fused their passion for blues, stoner, fuzzy and improvised music into a personal journey of acid psychedelia, graced with heaviness and tasty riffs as well. After almost five years in the works, Cosmic Awakening chronicles the long road followed by Lord Elephant in their musical research.”