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Albums Of The Week: Hollow Rogues | Hollow Rogues

The Ohio crew serve their blues-rock with lots of swagger and a side of dark menace.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “At the southwestern corner of what’s considered northeast Ohio, atop the highest point in the county that marks the gateway to nowhere for most, sits the little, one-stoplight coal-town of Doylestown. In that town, there’s a place called Rogues Hollow.

The Hollow is where many of the miners dwelled, danced, drank, and caused a general ruckus. Travelers and those passing through did well to avoid the Hollow. Three of the four of the Hollow Rogues grew up with the legends of this little town, and those of Rogues Hollow.

The Rogues’ sound reflects the dirty, loud, progressive rock ’n’ roll roots that nearby Cleveland and Akron are well known for, blended with a certain muddy, diesel-powered rust-belt twang from forgotten places like where the Rogues call home.”