Tinnitist TV | Episode 46: Prescott Niles of The Knack

The veteran bassist talks George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix — and, yeah, My Sharona.

It is impossible to talk about The Knack without talking about My Sharona. It was the band’s first hit — and certainly their biggest. It’s been covered by everyone from Weird Al to Eddie Spaghetti. And more than 40 years after it was released, it remains a timeless, universally beloved classic — the kind of song that comes along once in an artist’s lifetime.

So, unsurprisingly, bassist Prescott Niles had plenty to say about Sharona and the band’s whirlwind career when we got on the Zoom to discuss the new Knack albu, Live At The House Of Blues, a recording of a 2001 show in their home town of L.A. But if you think Niles’ story begins and ends with My Sharona — or even with The Knack — think again. During the course of our lengthy chat, he opened up about everything from growing up in New York and living in England to recording with George Harrison and dating the woman who was with Jimi Hendrix when he died. Here’s hoping he puts it all down into a memoir soon. But until he does, you can hear it all here. Enjoy.