Organa | Demons & Devils: Exclusive Video Premiere

The California funketeers take you to Sin City with their wickedly irresistible new jam.

Organa get down ’n’ dirty with their own Demons & Devils in a sinfully satisfying new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest tantalizing groovefest from the fun-loving California funketeers led by superstar bassist Corey McCormick (Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Neil Young, Chris Cornell), Demons & Devils takes you straight to Sin City for a lost weekend. Armed with all their trademark hallmarks — a boldly bouncing backbeat, a punchy percolating bassline, wicked wah-wah guitars and soulfully seductive vocals — Organa raise the stakes with skillful scratching and multi-layered vocals that leave you caught in provocative cross-talk between the devil you know and the devil you can’t resist.

“We all have problems, vices and voices pulling us in different directions,” the band explain. “Those voices can affect a relationship and that relationship can fall victim to those demons and devils. Corey’s inspiration for the production on this track came from the old-school cartoons where they would depict an angel on one shoulder of a character and a devil on the other shoulder of a character. However, in Corey‘s rendering, there is no angel. The devil is on both shoulders.

“In the first three stanzas of the song, you have a dialogue between the main vocal and the demons and devils on the shoulders of the character we’re listening to. Using a panning technique, the devil’s voice moves from the left side to the right side, giving the audible experience of having the devils on both of your shoulders.”

Along with McCormick on bass and background vocals, Organa includes singer Gabriel Velasquez and guitarist Nicholas Lewis, joined here by returning drummer / percussionist Emmanuel Cervantes and DJ Josh One. Demons & Devils was produced and mixed by Mark Myers and McCormick.

Watch the video for Demons & Devils above, sample more sounds from Organa below, check out my Zoom interview with McCormick HERE, and catch up with the band at their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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